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Can you name the titles of the Everybody Hates Chris episodes?

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First episode
Rudy from The Cosby Show
Italian, Polish, Chorrizo
If Fat Joe's name was Mike
October 31
It was a club in a book series (singular)
Washer and dryers
Use as cash at the grocery
His best friend
Ho, ho, ho
Type of lover by Stevie Wonder and work
Say cheese at school
A famous massacre, or romantic 24-hour period
Pick numbers
Foot ailment
4 weddings and a ... (plural)
His high school
His little brother
Hef mag
Lock up
Third Sunday in June
Refuse to accept
Student political leader
Film with Witherspoon and Broderick (plural)
Half the title of film starring Carrey
The neighborhood criminal
Singer Holly and Don't Disturb This Groove artist
Song by Ciara, feat. R. Kelly
Pilgrims, turkey and football
Another song by Wonder/irrational belief
The Incredible Edible...(plural)
Student snitches
Winter storm and schools out!
Film starring Berenger as mercenary turned teacher
Ditching class
Gold necklace stealing
Jazzy Jeff and Spinderella
Pete Rose played this game
Then Rose got caught up doing this
Not clean comedy
Not science
School's out
That person in school who gives advice
His bully
Feeman did this to Ms. Daisy
Opposite of whitie
Single man's dwelling
His neighborhood
Home visitors
$7.25 ... in most states
Not the old student
African-American holiday observance
Bus station
Not good girls
Initial touching of lips
Bunnies, eggs and Mass
Hockey player #99
Black Funeral Directors
Released prisoners
April 22
Not being a square
Freshman-year social event
Second Sunday in May
Getting diploma day
No good clue for 'Tattaglia'
Can come in birthday and cup form
Ultimate school football weekend
That person who taught proper grammar and literature
Not your woman
His bosses place
The large yellow puppet on Sesame Street
Lebron or Jesse
365th day, sometimes 366th
Capt. Leland Stottlemeyer's real surname
High school sports apparel with letters
Phony licenses
Practice college entrance exams
Ali sport
Multi-layered Italian dish
Week off from school
4 wheels, doors and a steering wheel
Not front quiet
Actress Smith of Tyler Perry films
Explosive dangers
In lieu of a high school diploma

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