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Meaning of PhylumPhylumCharacteristics
Thorny Headed WormsReversible spiny proboscis
Without GutNo mouth or alimentary canal
Little RingMultiple circular segment
Jointed FootChitin exoskeleton
Arm FootLophophore (feeding tentacles) and pedicle (line anchors)
Moss AnimalsLophophore, no pedicle, ciliated tentacles
Longhair JawChitinous spines on either side of the head, fins
Stinging NettleNematocysts (stinging cells)
Comb BearerEight 'comb rows' of fused cilia
Wheel CarryingCircular mouth surrounded by small cilia
Spiny SkinRadial symmetry, mesodermal calcified spines
Spine TailSet of hooks at posterior end
Inside AnusAnus inside a ring of cilia
Hair StomachTwo terminal adhesive tubes
Jaw OrificeMicroscopic marine worms with one cilium per cell
Half CordStomochord in collar, pharyngeal slits
Motion SnoutEleven dorsal plated segments
Meaning of PhylumPhylumCharacteristics
Corset BearerUmbrella-like scales at each end
Tiny Jaw AnimalMicroscopic appearance similar to Rotifers
Thin ShellMuscular foot and mantle round shell
ThreadlikeRound cross section, keratin cuticle
Thread FormLike roundworms, but without a terminal cloaca
Sea Nymph Named after a Nereid (sea nymph) from Greek myth
Claw BearerLegs tipped by Chitinous Claws
Straight SwimSingle layer of ciliated cells surrounding sex cells
Zeus's MistressU-shaped gut
Plate AnimalVery primitive invertebrates living as a single flat 'plate'
FlatwormsUnsegmented flat invertebrates with no body cavity
Pore BearerPerforated interior wall
PenisRetractable proboscis surrounded by papillae (nipple-like structures)
Lozenge AnimalSingle axial cell surrounded by ciliated cells
Wheel BearerAnterior crown of cilia
Small TubeMouth surrounded by invertible tentacles
Slow StepFour segmented body and head
Strange FlatwormCiliated deuterostome

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