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Latin nameCommon nameCurrent Range
Family Gavialidae
T. schlegeliiMalaysia, Sumatra
G. gangeticusNorthern Indian Subcontinent
Family Alligatoridae
A. mississippiensisSoutheastern United States
A. sinensisEastern China
P. palpebrosusAmazon Basin
P. trigonatusAmazon Basin
C. crocodilusCentral America, Amazon Basin
C. latirostrisSoutheastern South America
C. yacareCentral to Southern South America
M. nigerAmazon Basin
Family Crocodylidae
Latin nameCommon nameCurrent Range
C. acutusCentral America, Caribbean
C. cataphractusEastern Equatorial Africa
C. intermediusVenezuela, Colombia
C. johnsoniNorthern Australia
C. mindorensisPhilippines
C. moreletiiYucatan Peninsula, Eastern Mexico
C. niloticusMajority of Africa, Western Madagascar
C. novaeguineaeNew Guinea
C. palustrisIndian Subcontinent, Sri Lanka
C. porosusSouth and Southeast Asia, Northern Australia
C. rhombiferCuba
C. siamensisSoutheastern Asia
O. tetraspisEastern Equatorial Africa

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