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Can you name the the alternate earths in the DC Universe??

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The 'New Frontier'
Heroes became popular in the 50's and 60's 
Terry McGinnis 'Batman'
A retired Bruce Wayne  
Earth for the Charleston Comics Characters
Captian Atom, Question Blue Beetle 
Adolf Hitler wins WW II
Uncle Sam and The Freedom Fighters 
The Foundation of the Multiverse
New Earth 
Home of the Marvel Family
A bright and colorful reality 
Lord Havok and the Extremists
Super Powered ruling class 
Gotham by Gaslight
19th century Batman 
Kingdom Come
Heroes fighting heroes 
Justice Society vs Axis Powers
Slightly different version of the Justice Society 
The Darkknight Returns
An All-American Superman vs a Violent aging Batman 
Red Son
Baby Kal El lands in the USSR 
Evil mirror image of New Earth
Owlman Superwoman Power Ring  
Earth that had eliminated all crime
Destroyed by Superman-Prime  
The Atomic Knights
The Great Disaster 
Captian Carrot and his Zoo Crew
A cartoonish reality 
A vampire Batman
A dark universe 

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