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Can you name the DC Heroes and Villians AKA?

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Queen of the Amazons
The Nuclear Man
Super Powered Misfits who are 'doomed'
The World's Greatest Heroes
The World's Greatest Fighter (she is always looking for a fight)
King of the Seven Seas
The Scarlet Speedster
The Emerald Archer
Lord of Atlantis
Battling Bowman
Prince of Puzzlers
Teen Defenders of Tomorrow
The Pliable Prankster
Superman's Pal
The Avenging Angel
Wandering Spirit (think white lantern)
Imperfect Duplicate of Superman
The Maid of Might
Psychotic Speedster
The Brightest Light in the Universe
Spirit of Vengeance
Heroes of the 'Fourth World'
Lord of Apokolips
Superman's Greatest Enemy
The Amazing Amazon
Man of 'Iron'
The Demon's Head
The Boy Wonder
The Last Czarnian
The Princess of Plunder
The 'Wall'
Teen of Steel
The Dark Knight
The Winged Avenger
The Fear Master
Champion of Rann
Clown Prince of Crime
No One Escapes
The Pretty Bird of Prey
Schizoid Criminal Mastermind (everything is done in pairs)
The Mighty Mite
The Worlds Mightiest Mortal

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