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Can you name the F-Zero Locations?

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[from BS F-Zero 2] 
F-Zero X
[from F-Zero X Expansion Kit] 
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
Stretch Circuit, Tightrope Circuit, Ultimate Circuit 
First Circuit, Second Circuit, Third Circuit 
Dash Circuit, Twist Circuit 
Long Jump Circuit, Icarus Circuit 
Snake Circuit, Plummet Circuit 
Crossroad Circuit 
Explosive Circuit, Championship Circuit 
Split Circuit, Skating Circuit 
Skid Zone Circuit, Loop Circuit 
Land Mine Circuit, Warrior Circuit 
F-Zero GX/AX
Twist Road, Serial Gaps, Sonic Oval 
Split Oval, Sonic Branches 
Surface Slide, Lateral Shift 
Loop Cross, Half Pipe, Thunder Road 
Multiplex, Dragon Slope, Screw Drive 
Drift Highway, Ordeal 
Aero Dive, Long Pipe, Cylinder Wave 
Mobius Ring, Intersection, Spiral 
Cylinder Knot, Undulation 
Slim-Line Slits 
Meteor Stream 
F-Zero: GP Legend
Tradition Park, Expansion Park, Championship 
Junction, Peak Jump 
Clip Oval, Front and Back 
Blast Track, Wreckage Circuit 
Box Rink, Honeycomb Rink 
Slip Highway 
Forked Road 
Abyss Drop 
F-Zero: Climax
Six Carat, Eight Carat, Ten Carat, Cactus Circuit I and II, Multiply 
High Speed Edge I, II, III, Key Break I, II, III 
Sky Highway I, II, Half Dome I, II, Great Wings 
Wolf, White Wolf, Last Wolf, Hornet, Hornet House, Eagle Circuit 
Heat Circuit, Front Line I, II, Burnt Out Link, Rat Race 
Arch Hill, Slalom, Slip Down, Single Course, Twin Course, Big Billow 
Barrel Roll, Inside Out I, II 
G Trace, Trust Jump, Loss Landing, R Trace 
Double Link, Mist Ring, Puzzle Ring 
Nightmare, Nightmare One, Nightmare Fear 
Lost Way I, II, III 

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