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Can you name the names of people, places, and other proper nouns in the Bible that have four letters or less?

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 A man set by Solomon to be in charge of forced labor; also an alternative name for Obadiah
 Mentioned alongside Zechariah and Elijah; father of Kishi and grandfather of Ethan; common Arabic name
 Second child of the first human couple; he was murdered by his brother...the first human to die
 A town in the allotment of the tribe of Issachar
 The first month in the Jewish calendar, also known as Nisan. This name survives as part of the name of one of the largest cities of modern Israel.
 The name of both the first wife of Lamech and the first wife of Jacob's brother.
 The first human; created from the earth
 The sixth month in the Jewish calendar
 A captive returned from Babylon mentioned in Nehemiah and its companion book
 Descendant of Pahath-Moab; also the name of a priest mentioned in Nehemiah
 A king of the Amalekites, taken prisoner by the first Israelite king, and killed by Samuel
 Father of Shammah, who was one of David's mighty men. According to other verses, he could be either the grandfather of Jonathan or his brother.
 Compiler of a collection of proverbs found in Proverbs 30. Author of a riddle.
 Seventh king of Israel since Jeroboam I. Husband of Jezebel.
 King of Judah, and the son and successor of Jotham. He is one of the kings mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. Succeeded by his son, Hezekiah
 Son of Abdiel or Shomer
 Name of a Levite, among others, who drove the cart bearing the ark of the covenant
 Caananite royal city conquered by the Israelites
 A son of Zibeon
 Levite town also known as Aiath
 Town of Asher mentioned in Joshua
 Son of Helem mentioned in 1 Chronicles
 Descendant of the servants of Solomon mentioned in Ezra
 Mentioned as a leader of the priests in Nehemiah
 Descendants of this person formed a powerful enemy of the Israelites. His name (in a different spelling) survives as the capital of the modern-day nation of Jordan.
 Minor prophet and book of the Old Testament
 Father of the prophet Isaiah
 A Levite man of the family of Merari; also a son of Zechariah
 One of the cities in the mountains of Judah, from which Joshua expelled the Anakim. It still retains its ancient name.
 A son of Zibeon. He discovered hot springs in the desert.
 His descendants lived in the land of Canaan and were 'strong and tall'. Caleb drove his three sons from Hebron
 One of the Israelites who sealed the covenant after the return from Babylon
 A Levitical city in the tribe of Issachar. Modern-day Jenin in the West Bank
 One of three Amorite confederates of Abram in the Hebron area, who joined his forces with those of Abraham in pursuit of Chedorlaomer
 A city in the mountains of Judah, now el-Ghuwein
 An aged Jewish woman who prophesied about Jesus at the Temple of Jerusalem. Today it is a common name for girls.
 Grandfather of Zobebah, and the families of Aharhel the son of Harum
 City of ancient Moab
 A son of Jether mentioned in 1 Chronicles
 A city in the hill country allotted to the tribe of Judah. The people of the modern-day Middle East take this name.
 A city on the south of Canaan. The ruins are still there and there is still a modern city known as Tel ____.
 An Israelite, whose descendants returned from Babylon; may be the same person as the previous answer.
 A grandson of the man who built the ark; also a region mentioned in the Bible that is now central Syria
 Son of Dishan
 The greatest man among the Anakites, a race of giants. The city of Hebron was also once known as Kiriath-____
 Tenth son of Benjamin. Ends in two consanants, which is unusual for a Hebrew name
 Third king of the Kingdom of Judah; great-grandson of Solomon
 The area now known as Anatolia and Turkey; today this name is used for the Earth's largest continent.
 The place where the sons of Jacob mourned for their father
 A descendant of Hezekiah, who returned from Babylon or an Israelite who subscribed to Nehemiah’s covenant
 A place called 'The plain of the Sun'
 A people dwelling in Hazerim, or 'the villages' or 'encampments' on the south-west corner of the sea-coast (Palestine)
 Father of Bela; grandson of a prophet whose name is also the name of an Old Testament book
 A name mentioned in Jesus's genealogy, son of Eliakim; it is also the name of an Israeli town near Tel Aviv.
 Father of Jaazaniah; also an alternative spelling for the previous answer
 Idol worshipped by the ancient Phoenecians. Mentioned and destroyed several times in the Bible. It is also a word generally meaning 'idol'
 Valley mentioned in Psalms: As they pass through the Valley of ____, they make it a place of springs; the autumn rains also cover it with pools.
 A Levite father of returned exiles
 Prefix used in some Hebrew place-names; means 'a water well'. An example is ____-sheba
 The first son of Benjamin, who himself had many sons. Can also be spelled Belah
 A descendant of Merari and son of Jaaziah mentioned in 1 Chronicles
 A place mentioned in Numbers as being east of the Jordan River, probably same as Baal-Meon
 His son is mentioned as a king in Genesis and 1 Chronicles - he is three answers up. Also the father of Baalam, his name can also be spelled Besor.
 A Canaanite king who joined other kings in rebelling against Chedorlaomer. When he posed a question to Abram, Abram told him that he would not take as much as a shoelace from Sodom
 A son of Zophah mentioned in 1 Chronicles
 He married the first woman to have a Bible book named after her. He is the great-great-great grandfather of David.
 Jeroboam instituted an idolatrous feast in this place to correspond with the Feast of Tabernacles. This as also an alternative name of the month of Marcheshvan/Cheshvan
 One of the many sons of Nahor, one of the 'Bnei Ever', the first cultural Hebrews mentioned in Genesis.
 Either the father or mother of Ezekiel; descendant of Joshua. The name means 'my contempt' and may have also been a name that Jeremiah was called by.
 First naturally-born human being; he murdered his brother and bore a mark afterwards
 A city of Galilee. Jesus performed his first miracle here: a wedding was held here in which Jesus turned water into wine
 A Syrian city, also mentioned in the Old Testamant as Betah and Berothai
 An island in the Mediterranean that Paul visited. Today is is a part of Greece
 Father of Hazzobebah and of the clans of Aharhel son of Harum
 The Hebrew name for what is now Ethiopia. Referred to as 'Cushan' in Habakkuk
 One of the twelve Tribes of Israel; fifth son of Jacob with Bilhah; Samson was a member of this tribe
 A man from Bethlehem, and father of Elhanan, who was one of David's thirty heroes. Also the name of a descendant of Issachar
 An Edomite, chief herdsman to the first king of Israel. Responsible for the deaths of a large number of priests
 A town of Palestine that was conquered by Joshua and allotted to the tribe of Manasseh, although it was situated in the territory of the tribe of Asher
 A plain mentioned as being in the province of Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar made an image of gold, and set it up there
 An altar was instructed to have been built on this mountain, constructed from natural (rather than cut) stones. Today it is one of the two mountains in the immediate vicinity of the Palestinian city of Nablus
 A captive returned from Babylon and son of Jonathan
 An ancestor of the Israelites, father of Peleg. Known as Heber in the New Testament. His name may be the root of the word 'Hebrew'
 The name of the garden paradise in which the first human beings lived
 Israel (Jacob) once spread his tent beyond this tower
 An inhabited historical region located south of Judea and the Dead Sea. This name was given to Jacob's brother after he drank the red pottage; his descendants are called the Edomites
 Third son of Benjamin. He is also called Ahahrah in 1 Chronicles, and Ahiram in Numbers
 Allegedly left-handed judge sent by God to deliver the Israelites from Moabite domination. He slayed the king Eglon
 Grandson of Jerahmeel mentioned in 1 Chronicles
 Name of the valley where David killed Goliath; also the name of a son of Caleb
 A grandson of the man who built the ark. There is a city in modern Iran by this name, where his descendants supposedly settled. Jeremiah and Isaiah made prophecies about this nation
 High priest of Shiloh. Because his sons Hophni and Phinehas behaved wickedly, a curse was placed on his male descendants. He died from falling backwards in a chair after hearing the news that the Ark of the Covenant was stolen
 One of the places where the Israelites camped following their Exodus from Egypt. There were twelve wells of water, and seventy date palms there
 A judge of Israel and son of Zebulun, one of the 70 souls to migrate to Egypt with Jacob
 Twelfth month of the Jewish civil year and the sixth month of the ecclesiastical year on the Hebrew calendar
 A city of the tribe of Judah mentioned in Joshua
 A member of the house of Naphtali mentioned in the first chapter of Numbers. He was the father of Ahira
 A place east of the Jordan River where people were baptized by The Baptist. There was much water there, the place was known as Aenon in Greek.
 Grandson of the first human, father of Kenan. Lived 'at the time when men began to call upon the name of the Lord'. He lived for 905 years
 Eldest son of Judah; husband of Tamar. Yahweh killed him because he was wicked.
 A son of Shuthelah of the Tribe of Ephraim
 Son of one of the founders of the tribes of Israel. Progenitor of the Erites
 Twin brother of Jacob; exchanged his birthright for a bowl of stew; progenitor of the Edomites
 The herdmen of Gerar strived with Isaac's herdmen over this well. Isaac named the place
 One of the ancestors of Jesus mentioned in the third Gospel. Son of Naggi
 Mentioned in 1 Chronicles as a descendant of Judah. The father of Jezreel, Ishma, Idbash and their sister Hazelelponi; also the name of a cave where Samson hid after smiting the Philistines - the Rock of ____
 The first woman, created from the first man's rib
 One of five Midianite kings killed during the time of Moses by an Israelite expedition led by Phinehas
 The name of a stone where Jonathan met David
 A city in the midst of the inheritance of Judah, assigned the tribe of Simeon
 Name of many minor characters in the Old Testament: A Gadite warrior, a son of Ephraim, and a Horite duke among others. The meaning of the name is 'help', best known as part of the name Ebenezer today
 Minor prophet; this book of the Old Testament was once part of the same book as Nehemiah. He returned from the Babylonian exile and reintroduced the Torah in Jerusalem
 He was over them that did the work of the field for tillage of the ground; a servant of David
 He occupied Shechem and boasted to Zebul, the ruler of Shechem, that he could defeat Abimelech. He was later defeated by both of them
 One of the twelve Tribes of Israel and first son of Jacob by Zilpah; also the name of one of the prophets who gave instructions to David
 One of the five Philistine city-states in the time of the three Israelite kings; its king was Achish
 Mediterranean city whose name survives today as part of the nation of Palestine; it is mentioned in the Bible as belonging to the tribe of Ephraim and is also known as Azzah
 A Levitical city of Benjamin on the north border of Judah. It was held as a garrison by the Philistines until they were ejected by Jonathan
 The fourth of ten sons of Benjamin also the name of the father of the left-handed Israelite judge
 A place on the way to the wilderness of Gibeon mentioned in 2 Samuel
 Mentioned in Revelation along with Magog as 'the nations in the four corners of the Earth' that are deceived by Satan; also the name of a descendant of Reuben
 A son of Naphtali, one of the 70 souls to migrate to Egypt with Jacob
 The place where Ahaziah was killed
 A border town of the tribe of Asher
 Second son of the man who built the ark; he and his family survived the great flood. His son Canaan's was cursed to be a servant of his brother
 A place of exile in Assyria
 Son of Nahor and Milcah
 Individual mentioned in the third Gospel as the grandfather of Jesus
 Place of eternal damnation for sinners
 A city on the Euphrates River
 Son of Canaan, and ancestor of the Hittites. Also the name of a letter in the Hebrew language
 Mentioned in 1 Kings as a man who rebuilt Jericho
 A son of Zophah
 A man of the house of Simeon, he was a scout sent to Canaan prior to the crossing of the Jordan River
 A great-grandson of the man who built the ark. According to the 1st century Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, it was he who founded Armenia
 Companion of Moses and Aaron of the tribe of Judah; also the name of a king killed with four other Midianite kings during the time of Moses
 Father of Abihail and son of Jaroah mentioned in 1 Chronicles
 A son of Merari by Jaaziah
 A prophet who lived during the reigns of King Solomon and his heirs
 The son of Joseph of the house of Issachar, a scout sent to Canaan prior to the crossing of the Jordan River
 A city in the extreme South of Judah; the name begins with two of the same vowel
 A town of the territory of the tribe of Naphtali
 An Ahohite mentioned in 1 Chronicles
 The father of Micaiah the prophet, also called Imlah
 Son of Helem
 Father of Zaccur, from the tribe of Judah
 The Shuppites and Huppites were descendants of this person, whose name is only two letters
 One of David's heroes; also the name of a priest in 2 Samuel
 The son of Enoch and father of Mehujael
 A duke mentioned alongside Magdiel
 Child of the first son of Benjamin, described with his brothers as 'men of valour'
 The oldest son of Caleb
 The name of a god mentioned in Hosea. Also the name of several people mentioned in 1 Chronicles: A son of Appaim, a descendant of Judah, a Simeonite, and one of the heads of Manasseh
 A son of Asher, one of the 70 souls to migrate to Egypt with Jacob. Also known as Jesui
 Mentioned in a group of cities regarding the Assyrian Gods whose gods did not rescue Samaria
 Leader of the fourth division of Levitical singers
 Brother of Shammai, father of Jether and Jonathan
 Woman who killed Sisera to by hitting him on the temple of his head with a hammer
 A judge from Gilead; he had thirty sons
 Tenth king of Israel since Jeroboam I; son of Jehoshaphat; ordered Jezebel to be thrown out of a window and then he drove a chariot over her body
 Nephew of King David and the commander of his army
 The son of Asaph and recorder under King Hezekiah also known as Joahe; also the name of one of the 3 officers sent by the king to speak to the Assyrian envoys at the siege of Jerusalem
 This man has a book of the Bible named after him and suffered ferocious loss as the result of a bet between God and Satan
 A Benjaminite mentioned in Nehemiah; father of Meshullam, son of Pedaiah
 Minor prophet who authored a book of the Old Testament, which is named for him. St. Peter quoted him at Pentecost: 'I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions'
 One of David's valiant men; also the name of a Benjaminite, son of Beriah
 The 'disciple whom Jesus loved'; also the name of Jesus's cousin who baptized him
 The brother of James and probably the author of the next-to-last book of the Bible, which also has this name
 A stronghold of the Moabites mentioned in Isaiah; may also be known as ___-haraseth
 Father of the first king of the Israelites; also the name of one of Mordecai's ancestors
 A people mentioned alongside the Babylonians and the Chaldeans in Ezekiel as being 'desirable young men, captains and rulers, great lords and renowned, all of them riding upon horses.'
 A member of the house of Gershon, son of Eliasaph
 Woman who Jacob was tricked into marrying after seven years of labor to Laban
 A district of Judah, where Samson killed a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey
 The Tribe of Israel from which the priests came; also an alternative name for the apostle Matthew; also the name of two ancestors of Jesus including his great-great-grandfather
 A city in the territory of the tribe of Benjamin; a city in Israel known by this name still exists. Known as 'Lydda' in Acts
 Mother of Eunice and grandmother of Timothy
 Creator of all things and central figure of the Bible
 Nephew of Abraham who lived in Sodom; his wife was turned into a pillar of salt when she looked at the burning city
 Grandson of the man who built the ark through his first son; the land of Lydia is said to be named for him
 An apostle of Jesus and saint who wrote the third Gospel, as well as the Acts of the Apostles
 A city adjacent to Bethel mentioned in Joshua
 A priest mentioned in Nehemiah alongside David and another titular Bible character
 Grandson of Jerahmeel
 Uzziah engaged in war against the people of this land, called Mehunims; also a wilderness mentioned in 1 Samuel
 A name taken later in life by Naomi, which means 'bitter'
 Apostle who wrote the second Gospel and founded the church of Alexandria
 Mother of Jesus; gave birth to him by inception of the Holy Spirit; the name of many women in the New Testament
 A great-grandson of the man who built the ark through his first son
 A tower in Jerusalem mentioned in Nehemiah
 A famous ancient kingdom, the Moabites, were decended from this person
 A son of Caleb; also the name of a Benjaminite, son of Zimri
 A city of Lycia that Paul visited
 Another son of Caleb
 Jesus restored to life a widow's son in this Galilean city
 A city in the territory of the tribe of Zebulun
 Mountain where Moses viewed the land of Caanan; also the name of a Babylonian idol
 Father of Abner; grandfather of the first Israelite king
 An ancestor of Jesus mentioned in the third Gospel; father of Salathiel
 He built an ark made of wood and survived a worldwide flood along with his family
 David fled to the home of Ahimelech the priest, located in this city that was destroyed by the first Israelite king
 This was the name of the land that the first murderer was exiled to
 The Hebrew name of the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis
 Father of Joshua (in the quote it is 'Oshea'); in English, the name of a woman who chooses a life of service to the church
 A son of Joktan
 The father of Jesse, and the grandfather of David. Listed in the genealogy of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew
 An Ishmaelite, keeper of camels in the time of David
 The name of two prophets: one the father of Azariah, one a Samarian
 Amorite slain by Moses; giant mentioned in the Quran
 The third son of Simeon; still a common Hebrew name
 Fourth son of Zerubbabel
 Son of Eliphaz, grandson of Jacob's twin. A common Arabic name.
 Sixth king of Israel after Jeroboam, a successful military campaigner. Credited with the construction of the city of Samaria
 A Reubenite who was a participant in Korah’s rebellion against Moses
 The second son of Judah. Killed with his brother for being 'evil in the sight of the Lord'
 A town of the tribe of Benjamin; also the name of a plain
 Midianite prince who raided Israel using swift camels; defeated by Gideon
 The son of Jerahmeel
 A brother of David, and the sixth son of Jesse; also the name of another son of Jerahmeel
 A son of Gad also known as Ezbon. His descendants constitute the Oznite clan; also the name of son of Benjamin
 A city in which Hadad reigned
 Author of the Epistles who wrote more Bible books than any other single person. He went on many missionary journeys.
 The name of a mountain peak to which Balak led Balaam as a last effort to induce him to pronounce a curse upon Israel. Balaam refused.
 The grandson of the man who built the ark via his second son; also the name of the land which this person's children inhabited
 The name of a Hebrew midwife; also the name of the father of an obscure Israelite judge
 Abbreviation for the Assyrian King, Tiglath-Pileser III, used in 2 Kings
 Son of Hezron and ancestor of King David
 One of five Midianite kings killed during the time of Moses by an Israelite expedition led by Phinehas
 The son of Peleg and the father of Serug, thus being Abraham's great-great-grandfather. He is said to have been born at the time when the Tower of Babel was begun. Also known as Ragau
 Capital of one of the most well-known empires in history; it is still the capital of Italy. The pope resides there.
 The seventh of the ten sons of Benjamin; also a nation mentioned in Ezekiel
 Moabite woman who married into the Hebrew family of Elimelech and Naomi. Her story is told in a book of the Old Testament named for her
 A Philistine giant also called Sippai
 Name of the first King of Israel and 'God's Annointed'; also the name of a prominent New Testament character before he changed his name
 A region in Ethiopia mentioned in the Psalms
 A range of hills southwest of the Dead Sea; also the name of a Horite chief
 The capital of the Edomites, known elsewhere in the Bible as Jokteel
 Third son of the first human couple; seen as a replacement for his murdered brother
 First son of the man who built the ark; he and his family survived the great flood
 A place of unknown location mentioned in 1 Samuel alongside Mizpeh
 A people mentioned alongside the Babylonians and the Chaldeans in Ezekiel as being 'desirable young men, captains and rulers, great lords and renowned, all of them riding upon horses.'
 A Canaanite and the father-in-law of Judah; also the name of the daughter of Heber
 When Hagar fled from Sarai, an angel found her at a fountain on the way to this place; also the name of a wilderness
 The wilderness that was one of the places that the Israelites wandered during their Exodus; also the English word for a wrongdoing against God
 A Zebulunite, the father of Gaddiel, a scout sent to Canaan prior to the crossing of the Jordan River
 An Asherite, son of Zophah
 A man of the house of Manasseh, the father of Gaddi, a scout sent to Canaan prior to the crossing of the Jordan River
 A city mentioned many times throughout the Old and New Testaments. Jesus rebuked it. A city by this name still exists in modern Lebanon.
 The land to which Jephtha fled from his brothers
 The name of a king of Hamath, a city located in Syria. He was a contemporary of David.
 One of the judges of Israel. His account is the shortest of all the judges.
 A prophecy was spoken to this person in Proverbs
 An Israelite who put away (divorced) his Gentile wife
 Hebrew name for a river near the city of Susa
 Name of two men; son of Sheresh and son of Eshek. Archery was said to have been practiced by his sons
 An Asherite; Haniel and Rezia were two of his sons
 A musician in the time of David; also a Levite in the time of Nehemiah
 Ancient Mesopotamian city-state; home of Abram/Abraham
 A member of the Tribe of Judah, father of Bezalel; another person by this name is said to have been a porter who took 'strange wives'
 One of two devices used for divination; the other one is called Thummim
 Great-grandson of Noah whose name is only two letters long. Flavius Josephus states the tradition that he founded the cities of Trachonitis and Damascus
 Father of Palal the person who helped rebuild the walls of Jerusalem
 A descendant of Joktan, whose settlements are clearly traced in the ancient name of Sana, the capital of Yemen. Thought to have been the founder of an Arabian tribe
 Name of several people in the Old Testament: the son of Bukki, a descendant of Aaron; a grandson of Issachar; and a priest who assisted in the dedication of the walls of Jerusalem, among others
 Joram went to this city with chariots, and smote the Edomites
 Son of Jonathana and brother of Peleth
 Midianite prince who was slain at a winepress
 A son of Jeduthun named in 1 Chronicles
 A Gadite mentioned in 1 Chronicles with his relatives and six brothers
 A person who was generous to David and gave him bread, bunches of raisins, summer fruits, and a bottle of wine
 A name for the second month in the Hebrew calendar given in 1 Kings
 A desert and wilderness where the Israelites wandered after Exodus
 A synonym for Jerusalem and the temple there, and the name of a mountain near Jerusalem
 A city in the territory of the tribe of Judah, mentioned alongside Hebron
 A wilderness where David lived, and had the opportunity to kill the first king of Israel
 A pass in the territory of the tribe of Judah; also the name of a giant griffin-like bird in Jewish mythology
 A Gershonite son of Shimei mentioned in 1 Chronicles. Also known as Zizah
 A city of Egypt in the eastern Nile delta. Psalm 78 mentions that it is the place where Moses performed miracles before Pharaoh to persuade him to release Israel from his service
 A city that was spared from being destroyed because of the pleading of Abraham's nephew
 A member of the house of Issachar, the father of Nethaneel
 A Kohathite Levite, ancestor of Elkanah and Samuel; also a district in which lay Samuel's city, Ramathaim-Zophim
 The name of several people in the Old Testament, most of them from Midian, including a prince

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