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What main character in Lucky Star doesn't have a mother?
What part of the body in Lala's most sensitive?
Who is Edward Elric's childhood friend?
In Kiss X Sis, which sister wears a bandaid on her cheek?
What color hair does Naruto have?
In guilty crown, whose hair changes color midway through the show?
In sword art online, Kirito's sisters in-game-name is ____.
To obtain, something ___ ______ ______ must be lost
In Magi, Aladdin lost his friend, a djinn. His name was ____.
In Deadman Wonderland, eating this protects one from the poison in their bodies.
In Hunter X Hunter, Killua is raised in a family of ______
In Clannad, what type of club did Nagisa try to start?
In Zero No Tsukaima, the main character used what kind of magic?
In Toradora, what does Ryuuji dress up as on Christmas for Taiga?
In Btooom!, what type of BIM does the main character start with?
In Blue Exorcist, the main character is the child of _____
In High School DxD, the main character sacrifices what part of his body?
In Accel World, what body part is stolen from the main character?
In Gurren Lagann, what does the main character find in the ground in the first episode?
In Mirai Nikki, what do the characters use to hold their diaries?

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