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Can you name the Disney movies based on the two opposing blurbs from the critics?

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'Marks the end of an era of good -- even very good -- Disney animated features, and the start (one hopes) of a new period of great ones.' (Austin Chronicle) '...the story of one packrat pre-tween princess whose undersea kingdom is only matched in depth by her remarkable sense of consumer-minded entitlement.' (Slant Magazine)
'The result is a pretty standard old-style Disney story -- of damsel up against exotic challenges -- that's very nicely spiced up by its unique setting.' (Apollo Guide)'Its hypocrisy is hidden inside a disingenuous promotional campaign that suggests change has come to Disney's animated white house.' (Armond White)
'A surprisingly understated and mature romantic drama that just happens to be animated.' ('Not only historically dubious, but the dullest Disney animation for years.' (Empire Magazine)
'Even if this Disney production turns out to be... one of studio's last 'traditionally animated' features, retro opus proves there's still a lot of life in them cells' (Variety)'Consistently dull, providing further evidence that what Disney really needs -- an animated feature with exceptional stories and characters -- is currently beyond the company's grasp, for whatever reason.' (Philadelphia Daily News)
'Overall, the picture is good-hearted and colorful, with an ending that carries a nice touch of ambiguity about the tussle of nature and nurture.' (Groucho Reviews)'Cloying and cutesy, a helpless callback to a number of truly classic movies that it couldn't hope to equal, let alone better.' (Antagony & Ecstasy)
'Romantic, musical, moving -- and outstandingly funny.' (Hollywood and Fine)'...lovely to look at, but if you're not a pre-teen girl, you may be distracted by the split ends.' (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
'...ranking with the best of Disney's animated features while taking on rather serious issues of war, honor, gender roles and family pride.' (Seattle Times)'A disappointment for anyone hoping the studio would raise the standard of the animated feature to a new level.' (Globe and Mail)
'Utimately it is the look of the film that makes an indelible impression.' (Cincinnati Enquirer)'When you have spent $200 million on 'the dumber version of The Land Before Time', you deserve everything that comes to you.' (Agony and Ecstacy)
Blurb OneMovieBlurb Two
'An ingenious mixture of themes from narrative sources as ancient and varied as Hamlet, the Old Testament and The Odyssey.' (' The story line is a Joseph Campbell hero-quest so stripped down to its basics as to become dull.' (Boston Globe)
'Adroit vocal casting, an entertaining script, an unexpectedly energetic soundtrack, and some splendid technical breakthroughs.' (Los Angeles Times)'Perhaps Disney thought the best way to get around the ooga-booga stereotype was to eliminate blacks altogether.' (New York Magazine)
'When it moves, the film is wildly exciting, recalling the great adventure films of the past.' (Eric D. Snider)'The characters and story are mere narrative lubricant to get us from one digitally goosed sensory assault to the next.' (Toronto Star)
'So this new [Title Character] is a hero, of sorts: a feisty little nerd in green hipster specs, who bounces off walls and babbles like Woody Allen.' (Urban Cinefile) 'I don't care if it's 2-D, 3-D, CGI or hand drawn, it all goes back to the story.' (Richard Roeper)
'The film offers a fanciful, lush urban setting, unusual for Disney animated features, and a couple of good songs.' (San Francisco Chronicle)'Why these juvenile delinquents and their even worse masters are considered appropriate material for the 3-8 set that is most likely to see this movie is a conundrum.' (Steve Rhodes)
'A roller-coaster ride of energy, utilizing incredible animated imagery, elegant classical music and state-of-the-art technology.' (Palo Alto Weekly)'The rest of these animated sequences depend on gimmickry, cuteness, or facile ideology. (Chicago Reader)
'Great music from Phil Collins and a couple of familiar moose make [Title of Movie] an animated film worth checking out with the whole family.' ('Although there are five credited writers, it's as if they copied and pasted material from other sources but forgot what made the originals work.' (Nitrate Online)
'By the end of [Title of Movie] I was remembering, with something of a shock of nostalgia, the strength and ... storytelling conviction of the early Disney animators. (Roger ****)'...too dark and scary for younger children, and it's too silly and childish for older viewers to embrace.' (Reel Film Reviews)

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