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how many wife's did henry the VIII have?
where is the driest place on the earth?
where is the highest mountain?
which bird lays the smallest egg for its size?
do marmots kill people?
how many galaxies can be seen with a naked eye?
what man-made artifacts can be seen from the moon?
where did marco polo come from?
who invented the telephone?
where does chicken tikka masala come from?
which country invented champagne?
where was the guillotine invented?
how many prisoners were freed by the storming of the bastille?
what goes hunk hunk?
what did darwin do to a dead owl?
what were nelson's last words?
how many states of matter are there?
which metal is the best conductor?
where do diamonds come from?
what is the commonest material in the world?
what does the moon smell like
doe the earth go round the moon or the moon round the earth?
what is the main ingredient of air?
how many toes does a two toed sloth have?
which afican mammal kills more humans than any other?
question answer
where do most tigers live?
what is three times as dangerous as war?
how many people died in the great fire of london?
what is the number of the beast?
which crime did burke and hare commit?
what colour is the universe?
what colour is mar?
what colour is water?
what colour was the sky in ancient greece?
what do camels store in their humps?
where do camels come from?
how many states are there in the usa?
what did buffalo bill do to buffaloes?
where was baseball invented?
what was mozart's middle name?
what edison invention do english speakers use almost everyday?(word)
what was the first invention to break the sound barrier?
where do gorillas sleep?
what is the commonest bird in the world?
what animal are the canary islands named after?
what makes champagne fizz?
what produces most of the worlds oxygen?
what is the main use for guinea pigs?
what was the first animal in space?
which nation invented the concentration camp?

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