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Forced Order
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She was Jigsaw's first survivor and became his apprentice
The second victim of the 'Bathroom Trap' who had to kill his cellmate Adam
The name of the infamous 'Jigsaw Killer'
Victim of the 'Pendulum Trap' in Saw V
A famous trap that is the opening for Saw II
The doctor killed by the 'Shotgun Collar' at the end of Saw III
The officer that was tested throughout Saw IV
The victim of the chain or 'Classroom Trap' in Saw III
This character cuts off the skin on the back of his neck in Saw II
A trap revealed in a Saw VI teaser involving six victims on a rotating object
In Saw IV, this woman had to kill her husband but pulling out metal rods impaling them both (the rods happened to puncture the husband's major arteries)
This trap may be Saw's most famous. First seen in Saw and remodified in Saw VI
A man named Paul was the victim of this trap, in which he had to 'cut himself again'
The movie with the 'Nerve Gas House' trap
Jigsaw's first trap, the victim being a man named Cecil
The female survivor of the 'Fatal Five' in Saw V

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