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Can you name the music video from its plot line/description?

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Pop diva gets sent to jail and is bailed out by a 'Single Lady.' The dynamic duo then goes to a diner and commits a mass homocide
A guy plays a keyboard and sings in his apartment while all the knick-knacks around him light up to the music
People dance around and lip synch about the (blank) star life
Sassy pop singer fends off 'toolbags' that won't stop talking
Possibly the greatest video of all time. Zombies rise from the grave and do a dance with the King of Pop
Just having a good good night
A classic tale of forbidden love. This time between a country-pop singer portraying a geeky girl falling for her popular neighbor/best friend
A bada*s pop singer goes around reeking havoc becuase her life seems to be falling apart. But she doesn't care
Some ladies who want rings dance around. 'One of the best videoes of ALL TIME!'
A good girl gone bad goes to war. Most definately rated R
SNL stars party on the opposite of a car with a rapper
Disney (?) star dances around in short shorts and sings about her favorite country and rappers she's never heard of
Kid chases his dream girl around a bowling alley. Painfully similar to his other videoes
Two people mope by themselves because they need each other, like now. But it's okay, they find each other in the end
A rapper and an R&B singer explore the Big Apple
A bunch of rappers party it up in a mansion. 'Call Mr. Flintstone' or whatever...
A hot mess of a pop star is naked in a spa, and confronts certain guys about their dirty, tricky ways
A wedding at a church in New Mexico, along with a rockin live performance in a theater
A man walks down a busy London street, bumping into people and narrowly avoiding getting hit by a car
An animated band playing the song inside a tower surrounded by a depressing landscape

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