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Frost causes fire plugs to be damaged
Man shot while hunting by multiple men
Mother sees son dies in railroad accident
Crazy man attacks woman in car
Stands collapse at sporting event - shown on TV
Intoxicated man participates in tubing contest
Boys knock lamp into manhole - explosion
Woman infected with HIV while getting artifically inseminated
Boy driving tractor hurts his leg
Rocks falling off cliff fall onto highway and kill girl
Man throws matches into a store setting fire, gets broken nose in return
Drinking, driving, hitchikers, accident
Woman harassed while working with RCMP
Ship destroyed by fire
Addicted to painkillers - sleazy doctor
eye surgery complication
Woman raped by balcony rapist
Two accidents leading to back injury
Woman hit by cricket ball
Doctor mis-treats arm; arm amputated because of gangrene
Ship spills oil into bay
Man rides his horse into a donkey
Man slips on ice in fornt of someone's house
Drug causes rare cancer in women
Wheat infected by Larvae
Person gets impaled by sign post
Girl gets hit by ice cream truck
Registrar not supervising mortgage brokers
Woman falls ill and dies at department store
Dead flies in bottle of water
Woman injured by intoxicated driver after he left house party
Woman can't get job at college, despite being qualified
Man tells woman husband is dead - bad joke
Girl falls out of taxi
Lawyer sued because he didn't warn about building encroachment
Man doesn't let another man pass him on the road - gets a broken jaw
Woman injures fetus in car accident
Motorcycles rear-ends truck
Boys from Reform School cause damage to yacht
Woman injured by fireworks
Man suspect of robberies could have been cleared, but the police was negligent
Police officer hit while using his car as a raodblock
Snail in ginger beer
Wheel stuck in railroad track results in injury
Boy without a seatbelt in someone's car - accident
Drunk driver drives friend's car into ditch
Woman injured on escalator in subway station
Molten metal splashed on lip causes concer
Something left on road; man rides his horse into it
Man drowns while in a boat with friends
Police chase suspect car; car hits and kills two people

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