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When Kevin sent a gift-basket to Holt, from France, the squad consumed the items within it. What did the squad replace it with?
What is Captain Holt's middle name?
Detective Pembroke goes by what other name?
How did Captain Seth Dozerman die?
What did Podolski's kid draw on cop cars?
What old film did Boyle originally plan to see with Rosa?
What's Hithcock's codename in 'Operation Beans'?
What's the name of Boyle's sexually rampant dog?
Who delivers a doughnut in a file to Jake?
What is Scully's first name?
What is Hitchcock's first name?
Who won the second Halloween bet?
Adrian Pimento was undercover for how long?
What is Holt's dog called?
What magazine do Kevin and Peralta discuss?
'Wet blanket' was the nickname for which detective?
Who wins Boyle Bingo?
How long are the Captain and Sergeant gone for, when the squad plays the Jimmy Jab games?
Who withdrawls from the Jimmy Jab games due to food poisoning?
What is Jake's mum called?
What three letters are on the invite card for Boyle's wedding?
How many times does Boyle get shot in the butt?
How much does Jake spend on keychains when trying to fool the captain?
Who educated Holt on the world of 'Sex and The City'?
Jake eats mayonnaise and peanuts at which time of the year?
How long did Holt and Jake have to stay in their homes, becuase of the mumps?
Jimmy Brogan refers to which alcoholic drink as 'brown'?
How many times did Boyle and Gina have sex?
What song did Jake sing with the mafia?
What is Boyle fermenting in a jar when Jake comes back from undercover?
How many brothers does Amy have?
Which 'civic leader' does Podolski order Jake to stop investigating?
Who won 'The Bet'?
Eddie Fung stole Jakes childhood sweetheart from him, at his bar mitzvah. What was her name?
What are the undercover names that Holt and Peralta must adopt when going to Florida?

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