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Opening LyricsSong TitleArtist
Let's go! With bloodshot eyes, I watch you sleeping.Bullet For My Valentine
I talk to you every now and then, I never felt so alone again.Blink-182
I see no point in living life that right, so I just take what I can find.Professor Green ft. Maverick Sabre
She's the one she's the only one.Red Hot Chilli Peppers
When I see you I run out of words to say.Akon ft. Colby O' Donis & Kardinal Offishall
It's your future, ooooooh! This is gonna change everything!Enter Shikari
The truth be told, the truth be told. The Hoosiers
Lobotomy! Lobotomy! Lobotomy! Lobotomy!Ramones
Shed a tear 'cos I'm missing you, I'm still alright to smile.Guns 'N' Roses
The dustland fairytale begin, just another white trash county kiss.The Killers
Trying hard to speak and fighting with my weak and...Coldplay
Boy I've been seeing you for quite a whileN-Dubz
She passed, she's class, candy for the eye and a twinkle in her smileScouting For Girls
Down in Albion they're black and blueBabyshambles
Kill for gain, shoot to maim, we don't need a reason.Iron Maiden
Do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind?Katy Perry
Uh oh she's fire, fire, oh-ohJay Sean
Just gonna stand there and watch me burn.Eminem ft. Rihanna
Opening LyricsSong TitleArtist
Don't say it's like a fantasy, when you know this is how this should be.Kylie Minogue
Fellas, aren't you glad you're not a woman?Amateur Transplants
I'm in the business of misery, let's take it from the top.Paramore
It's all the same, only the names will change.Bon Jovi
When we meet I listen to your heartbeat, I can hear the rhythm and the tone.The Futureheads
The distant echo of faraway voices boarding faraway trains.The Jam
Come with me to the dance floor, you and me, 'cos that's what it is for.The Prodigy
All I ever wanted was to see you smiling.Basshunter
Wait! Oh yes, wait a minute Mr. Postman.The Beatles
East London's not a bombsite, it is a treasure chest.The Wombats
I know that I will never be politically correct,Meatloaf
No more carefree laughter, silence ever after.ABBA
Walking through the terminal, I saw something beautiful.Busted
Now baby girl there ain't nothing else I can sayUsher ft. Young Jeezy
Can't get enough, can't get enough of your love babe.Barry White
Why do birds suddenly appear every time you walk near?The Carpenters
Maybe I don't really wanna know how your garden grows.Oasis

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