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swede boiled
courgette boiled
mushrooms raw fried
mange tout raw boiled fried
mustard and cress raw
onions raw
sweetcorn frozen canned baby
tomato raw
chilli beans canned
spinach boiled
mushrooms canned
salsify boiled
gherkins pickled
aubergine fried
turnip boiled
black eye beans boiled
celery raw
peas mushy
sugar snap peas
spring greens boiled
beansprouts raw
butter beans canned
broccoli boiled
chickpeas dried boiled
baked beans
coleslaw raw
leeks boiled
courgette raw
brussel sprouts
lentils GREEN/BROWN dried then boiled
marrow boiled
peas frozen or canned
chickpeas canned
carrots boiled
tomato canned
pepper RED or GREEN
pepper YELLOW raw
pinto beans
kidney beans canned
radish raw
pumpkin boiled
curly kale
spring onions raw edible part
spinach frozen boiled
kohlrabi boiled
beetroot fresh
runner beans boiled
raddiccio raw
onions fried
celeriac boiled
tomato puree
mushrooms dried
aduki beans
asparagus boiled
watercress raw
artichoke jerusalem
shallots raw
okra boiled
mooli raw
split peas
celery boiled
chicory raw
mung beans boiled
soya beans
broad beans
artichoke boiled
lettuce raw
potato salad retail
pak choi
onions boiled or pickled
green/french beans canned
sundried tomatoes
mixed veg canned boiled
squash boiled
corn on the cob boiled
cucumber raw
lentils RED boiled
fennel boiled
cabbage boiled
beetroot pickled
parsnip boiled
carrots raw
green/french beans
mixed veg frozen
bamboo shoots canned
water chestnuts canned
cabbage raw
cauliflower boiled
butternut squash baked
spinach raw

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