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Can you name the headlines of editorials that have appeared in The Hoya during the fall semester of 2012?

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The new on-campus party policy has flaws.
Work-Study jobs should not require long hours.
The Corp should have more business competition.
DPS has a quesitonable relationship with GERMS.
Georgetown's football team should provide merit aid.
Ron Lewis is a bad choice for the Georgetown Community Partnership.
Seniors need more university support for off-campus housing.
Todd Olson has delayed too long on 'clear and convincing.'
Students should register to vote in their home states.
The university has made a good decision to expand off-campus development.
Leo's workers have been treated unfairly by Aramark.
D.C. Students Speak could do more to represent students.
IdeaScale should be utilized more by GUSA.
Neighborhood cameras shouldn't be installed by citizen groups.
Jobs should not consider an applicant's SAT scores.
The arts deserve more attention at GU.
Student groups shouldn't pay to rent campus space.
New voter registration laws target certain demographics.
GUSA should give more information about senate candidates.
The university must cut ties with Adidas.
More newspapers and online subscriptions should be provided for free.
Midterms should offer multiple exam days if students have conflicts.
There are mechanisms in place to curb campus crime.
The Carroll Fellows Initiative deserves respect.
Blackboard isn't a replacement for classroom discussion.
Lauinger is in desperate need of renovations.
The abroad travel policy could pose problems.
The GUSA executive has done well mid term.
GUTS buses should run on the weekend.
Parents' Weekend shouldn't charge a cover fee.
Flex Dollars restrict student food options.
The sciences should have more study abroad programs.
The new evidentiary standard should not have made an exception for off-campus allegations.
The homeless in D.C. should never be ignored.
The university's diversity initiative has not made enough recent progress.
Students should be accomodated who wish to study part time.
A writing requirement is worthwhile.
Some internships deserve more course credit.
The D.C. Health Code is far too lax.
GOCard has a questionable contract with PNC Bank.
Weather dangers warrant high alert even when inconvenient.
Course descriptions are vital to preregistration and can't be omitted.
Popular campus events should use seating lotteries.
The Hilltop doesn't adaquately accomodate the physicallly handicapped.

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