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clueBandNumber of words
You don't want to go diving or into space without one of these2
Adam's first book?3
The result of a Photoshop session2
Mexican photographic equipment?2
How rude!2
This band name could be a bit clearer1
A short appearance with an engraved gem1
Where to go for a pint of milk, etc.1
an opera society, for example.2
Elgar's Variations1
refusing to work, so they can go on an airplane2
Just rubbish1
In the beginning1
What you get in between your 99th and 101st barbershop visit2
Mr Munster's recluses2
clueBandNumber of words
These rugs are a good influence2
With tongues?1
I'm pretty sure on this one.2
Up above the streets and houses.1
What a halloween competition judge would say to appease all the contestants2
Leonard or Robinson?2
eg. Hamsters, bears and tigers3
Sweater, jersey, pullover and cardigan3
Raspberry, traffic or paper.2
Thunderstorms grow from these?3
an Amorous scoop3
Ice cream, Sauce and trimmings2
Bam, thank you mam1

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