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Vice President
Secretary of State
Secretary of Treasury
Secretary of Defense
Attorney General
US Attorney for Southern Florida
Speaker of the House
House Majority Leader
House Minority Leader
President of the Senate
President Pro tem[pore of the Senate
Senate Majority Leader
Senate Minority Leader
Senior Senator from Florida
Junior Senator from Florida
Chief Justice of the US
Chairman of the Federal Reserve
Chairman of the Joint Chief's of Staff
Governor of Florida
Mayor of Miami-Dade County
Mayor of City of Miami
State Attorney (for M-D county)
Secretary General of UN
Paper Money is Printed in...
Paper Money is Printed in...
US Coins are minted in...
US Coins are minted in...
US Coins are minted in...
US Coins are minted in...
Front of the 1$ bill
Back of the 1$ bill
Front of the 5$ bill
Back of the 5$ bill
Front of the 10$ bill
Back of the 10$ bill
Front of the 20$ bill
Back of the 20$ bill
Front of the 50$ bill
Back of the 50$ bill
Front of the 100$ bill
Back of he 100$ bill
Father of the USA
Father of the Declaration of Independence
Father of the Constitution
Father of Capitalism
Father of Communism
National Anthem Written by
Motto of the USA
E Pluribus Unum means...
Roman Numerals for 1776
Annuit Coeptis means...
Novus Oro Seclorum
State of Liberty was a gift from...
You salute the flag when it's...
You salute the flag when it's...
You salute the flag when...
You salute the flag when...
Election day in America
Birthplace of democracy
Lincoln's definition of democracy
Lincoln's speech is known as
Architect of Washington DC
Address of the White House
Shape of Washington monument
World's largest library
Dec. of Ind. is in...
Most prominent Museum in DC
Tomb of the Unknowns is in...
Opening Words of a Supreme court case by attorney
Largest Catholic Church in USA
First Catholic US President
Oldest Jesuit University in USA
Catholic priest in Statuary Hall
Catholic saint in Statuary Hall
Jesuit in Statuary Hall
Jesuit in Statuary Hall
First President on Mt. Rushmore
Second President on Mt. Rushmore
Third President on Mt. Rushmore
Fourth President on Mt. Rushmore
State Capital Named for President
State Capital Named for President
State Capital Named for President
State Capital Named for President
President during WW1
President during WW2
President during WW2
US President to graduate from SJ College
US Military Academy is in
US Naval Academy is in
US Air Force Academy is in
US Population
US World Rank
Florida Population
Florida Rank
First man in space
First man on the moon
Florida means
Miami means
Motto of Florida
State Nickname
State Flower
State Tree
State Bird
State Animal
State Song composer
State song
Father of Air Conditioning
Divides Miami into North & South
Divides Miami into East and West
Developed Florida with Florida East Coast RR
Mother of Miami

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