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Mammal who is friends with Thumper
Yesterday in Italian
G-string, thong
Crisp Italian cookie
Dwarfed tree or shrub
A maker of arcade games
A variety of summer squash
Projections found in small intestine
Bond prefers his shaken, not stirred
A marinade that goes great with chicken
Heavy Weight Champion
Place to get a sandwhich
Female singer who sings Unfoolish
A board game, as well as a movie
A web browser
A mixture of dried petals of flowers
Greek Letter
Greek Letter
Greek Letter
Greek Letter
Greek Letter
Goes great on pizza
Not an 'innie' type of car
The dolphinfish
A mushroom is a type of this
An island country of the southwest Pacific Ocean
A dormant volcano in central Japan
An iced cocktail of rum, lime or lemon juice, and sugar
A shed or other aboveground building where a winemaker stores wine in casks

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