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What town do you first start in?
Name one of the three major houses in Morrowind.
What major island is in both the Morrowind and Skyrim Expansions?
What is your reward for escorting Pemenie from the area northwest of Caldera to Gnaar Mok?
What is the biggest city in Morrowind?
Which faction do you advance in throughout the main questline?
What is the name of the city on the island off the northern shore of Vvardenfell?
Which race is native to Morrowind?
Which valuable item can be easily stolen from the basement of Sethan's Tradehouse in Tel Branora?
What is the name of the Bosmer who has a secret hiding place?
What is the name of the inn in Caldera?
What is the mine in Caldera famous for digging up?
What is the name of the town just north of Ald Ruhn?
The city of Vivec is made up of __ floating 'islands' called cantons.
The city of ________ is a canton in the southeast area of the map, just west of the temple of Azura.
Which daedric ruin is just north of Suran?
What is the name of the volcano in the center of the province?
What is the name of the fence that surrounds the mountain of the center of the province?
What is the name of the 'incurable' disease you contract during the main questline?
The ____ are a group of assassins who rival the dark brotherhood.
Creeper, a scamp in caldera, and a ____ are two creature merchants in the game. They are also both the only honest merchants in the game, meaning they will pay full value for items
The ___ is the most powerful of all of the ash creatures.
What is the name of the cave directly east of the Telvanni Canton in Vivec.
This disease is a special type of disease commonly found in rats, nix hounds, alit, guar, kagouti, shalks, and scribs? (It tends to make the afflicted creature harder to kill)
The ____ in Morrowind was replaced by the College of Winterhold in Skyrim?
The trader, Ra'Virr, is famous for 'selling' this type of weapon?
What is the name of the Khajiit alchemist in the Balmora Mage's guild?
What is the name of the mage in Punabi, who owes dues to the Mage's Guild?
What is the name of the dunmer stronghold that sits on the shore of Lake Nabia?
In Seyda Neen, what is one of the three items that you can find in hollow tree stumps outside of the lighthouse?
If you follow the northwest road out of Seyda Neen, what is the name of the poor elf who died from falling out of the sky?
Ice, fire, and shock spells fall under which skill?
This creature is only hostile when attacked. Though it is weak, it uses a paralyze spell and uses its claws to scratch its victims.
This bird-like creature attacks from the skies.
What is the name of the leader of the Blades who resides in Balmora?
Who is the head of the mages guild in Ald Ruhn?
What is the name of the city in the northwest corner of the map?
Which underwater creature drops a valuable wax when killed?
What is the name of the shell that contains pearls?
What is the name of the god that must be defeated at the end of the main questline?
Those born under this sign have increased magika, but can only restore magika through potions and spell absorbtion.
The weapon, Keening, can only be used if ____ is equipped.
What is the name of the prophecy endowed upon you?
The Khajiit and the ___ are the most commonly enslaved races in the province?
What is the name of the 'mythical' faction who frees the slaves in the province?
What is the full name of the tax collector who was murdered just outside of Seyda Neen?
What is the name of the city that contains Wolverine Hall?
Hasphat Antabolis of the Fighter's Guild in Balmora wants you to find a Dwemer Puzzle Cube located in this Dwemer ruin.
What is the name given to the groups of nomads that travel around Morrowind's wilderness?
What is the name of the Sixth House base just outside of Gnaar Mok?

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