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A: What is Rachel's sister's name?
B: Who does Rachel almost marry?
C: Who is roommates with Eddie?
D: What is the real name of 'The Yeti?'
E: The name of Ross' student that he dates?
F: What is Ross willing to drink to get Rachel to come to a function at his museum?
G: What do the friends compete for when they play football at thanksgiving?
H: What is the name of Joey's bedtime penguin pal?
I: What famous person does Ross hit on after just bumping her off his 'five people he's allowed to sleep with list?'
J: Rachel's other sister's name?
K: Name of the girl that dates both Joey and Chandler? (Chandler kisses her while she is still dating Joey)
L: When Ross and Rachel eventually get together, Phoebe says that he is her......... HINT: (the claw holding in the tank)
M: Ross' monkey's name?
N: On 'Days of our Lives,' Joey is a.....?
O: Janice's catchphrase?
P: What does Chandler do to Monica to ease her jellyfish sting pain?
R: When Phoebe decides to start a new massage business involving taxis, what does she call it?
S: Phoebe's most famous song?
T: How many Friends episodes have there been?
U: Joey's newspaper ad. 'Wanted: New roommate, non-smoker, non-......
V: What is the name of Chandler's father's burlesque show?
W: Rachel's cat's name. Mrs......
Z: Rachel's boss' name. Mr......

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