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What are the names of Joey's parents?
What sister punches Chandler?
Joey asks Rachel to help dress him for an audition, what article does Joey want to keep?
What did Joey wear to Chandler and Monica's wedding?
What does Joey dress up as for Halloween?
When Joey's trying to decide on a new stage name, what does Chandler suggest?
Trying to hide Chandler and Monica's relationship, what is Joey's excuse for all the odd behaviors?
Joey falls asleep and the roommates make what kind of body for him in the sand?
What is the name of the movie Joey was supposed to shoot in Vegas?
What is Joey's catch phrase?
After getting robbed, what are Chandler and Joey seen sitting in at the end of the episode?
Who does Joey begin the ball game with in 'TOW the Ball'?
In 'TOW Five Steaks and an Eggplant,' what does Joey order at the restaurant?
What appitizer does Joey suggest for Monica and Chandler's wedding?
How much money does Monica ask Joey for in 'TOW the Boob Job'?
What size shoe does Joey wear?
During season one, whose butt does Joey double as?
What was the name of Joey's imaginary friend?
Finish the quote: 'Hey! It's 42-24! This sucks...'
How does Joey get to sleep on the way home from Vegas?
Whose room does Joey get when they switch apartments?
While constructing the entertainment unit, what does Joey rip up in the girls' apartment?
How much money does Phoebe donate to get Joey on TV in 'TOW Phoebe Hates PBS'?
At the end of 'TOW Ross Moves In,' what is Joey wearing?
What name does Joey want to name his child?

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