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Forced Order
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What was invented by Samuel Morse on May 24, 1844?
How many presidents were in office during the 1840’s?
Which president became the first president to die in office in 1840?
What war took place between 1846 and 1848?
How many slaves were in Amrica during the 1840’s?
What percentage of people in the U.S were slaves?
What was the most populous state during the 1840’s?
Who succeeded William Henry Harrison as President?
What territories did the U.S gain from Mexico during the 1840’s?
What caused many Irish Immigrants to come to the U.S during the 1840’s?
What was the total population in the U.S during the 1840's??
What was the most populated city during this time?
In 1840 what percent of the work force was unemployed?
What water company which still operates today was created during the 1840’s?
What was the most popular sport during the 1840’s?
Who became president in 1845?
Which party did elected president Zachary Taylor run for?
What poem did Edgar Allan Poe release in 1845?
In what year was the Postage stamp introduced?
Who became the chief conductor of the Underground Railroad in 1849?
Who were the last Native American group to be forced out of Indiana?
What treaty was signed on August 9, 1842?
Where was the convention for women's rights held?
What college was established in 1842?
On December 29, 1845 what state was admitted into the union?
What treaty ended the Mexican American war?
Who became the first woman doctor in the US?
Charles Wilkes claimed what territory for the US?
What was invented in 1843 by Nancy Johnson?
What was the most popular type of dance during this time?

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