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Can you name the Can you guess the Family Guy star using 3 words?

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Fat, Stupid, Wears Glasses
Well Read, A Dog, Smokes Marijuana
A Baby, Plans to Rule The World, Refers to being gay
A Mum of 3, Gambling Addict, Promiscuous
Rich, Posh, Lois' Father
Hated by Everyone, Wear Glasses, Always Wears A Hat
Fat, Blonde, Goes To High School
Crazy, The Mayor, Old
Handicapped, A Police Officer, Gets Angry Quickly
Perverted, A Pilot, Big Chin
Black, Deli Owner, Has a Moustache
Peter's Dad, Irish, Drunk
Catholic, Peter's Step Dad, Mean
Chicken, Peter's Rival, Sold a bad coupon
82, Peter's Dad, Heavy Smoker
Copper Deficiency, Cheated On, Pointy Teeth
Peter's Supervisor, Prefers Opie, Oldish
Pirate, Peglegs and Pegarms, Eye-Patch
Fast-Talking, Black, Speaks for about 1-3 seconds
Arrogant, Insultive, News Reporter
Manager of Quahog MiniMart, Calm, Loves films
Calm, Soft-Spoken, In a relationship with Joe
Calm, Drawn Out Voice, 'Oh No'
Carter's Wife, Jewish, Original Family Name was `Hebrewbergmoneygrabber`
9 Divorces, Lois' Sister, Peter delivered her first child
Likes Cricket, Cheated on Cleveland, Treats him harshly
Most popular girl in school, Egotistical, Vain
Skeleton, Black Robe, Touch his bones = Die Instantly
News Reporter, Female, Birth Name was Seidelman
Doctor, Peter accused him of rape, First name is Elma
Gay, Paedophile, Lusts after Chris
Bartender, Owns The Drunken Clam, Peter and his friends are regulars to his bar
Upside Down Face, Tom Tucker's Son, Deformed
Gay, Brian's Cousin, Flamboyant
Peter's Boss at the Toy Factory, Choked to Death, Hispanic Accent
Jewish, Pharmacist, Married to Muriel
Geek, Crush on Meg, Acne Sufferer
Asian, News Reporter, Last name is Takanawa
Out of Tone, Can't Be Caught, Not seen since Season 4
Criminal Sociopath, Rivals Peter, Voiced by his real life copy
Sexy, Bulimic, Dimwit

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