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Moral development stagesDevelopmental
2-factor theory of emotionMotivation and Emotion
Critical-period hypothesis for language acquisitionCognition
Mirror box experiment, phantom limb syndromeBiological
Obedience studies; subjects 'shock' a learnerSocial
Inferiority complex, social tensions shape personality, neo-FreudianPsychodynamic
Client-centered therapy, unconditonal positive regard, self theory of personalityHumanism,Treatment, Personality
Classical conditioning; experiments on dogsBehaviorism
Set up 1st psychological labHistory and Approaches, Structuralism
Psychosexual stages, unconscious and sexual drive, dreamsPsychodynamic
Natural selection, variation, heredity, evolution, speciationBiological
Object permanence, looking-time experimentsDevelopmental
Constructive memory experiments, memories of childhood traumasCognition
8 stages of psychosocial development; Neo-FreudianDevelopmental
Learning, Little Albert, conditioningBehaviorism
Social-learning theory, Reciprocal determinism, self-efficacy; Bobo Doll ExperimentSocial-Cognitive
Mental health as more than absence of disorder, learned helplessnessHumanism, Positive
Reinforcement (fixed vs. variable, interval vs. ratio), _______ boxBehaviorism
4 stages of cognitive developmentCognitive, Developmental
Collective unconscious, archetypes, neo-FreudianPsychodynamic
Hierarchy of needs, self-actualizationHumanism
Infant monkey experiments; attachmentDevelopmental
Gestalt Psychology, perceptual organizationCognitive
Functionalism, 1st psychology textbookHistory and Approaches
1700s, personality comes from brain functions, cranioscopiesBiological
Stanford prison experiment, role-playing (fundamental attribution error)Social
Children applying rules of grammar; language is innateDevelopmental
Anxiety, neurosis, neo-FreudianPsychodynamic
'Flow'Humanism, Positive
Marshmallow experiment, consistency of behavior across situations is lowSocial-Cognitive

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