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Can you name the NBA player? It's amazing how similar some players' backgrounds are! (See 'How To Play)

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Going straight to the NBA from high school, I was drafted by the New Orleans Hornets but I wasn't a lottery pick. Who am I? (A=Tracy McGrady, B=J.R. Smith, C=Kobe, D=C.J. Miles)
I played college ball at UNC as a guard, wore 3 numbers in my career, played with 2 teams, and won multiple rings. Who am I? (A=Bill Miller, B=MJ, C=Danny Green, D=Vince Carter)
I was a 7 foot center at LSU and was drafted by the Magic in 1991. I averaged double digits but I have to work on my free throws. How many rings have I won? (A=4, B=1, C=0, D=3)
Drafted as a senior out of Wake Forest, and later becoming the Hornets' starting PG, I have great speed, ball handling, and passing skills which makes me successful. Who am I?
I am 7+ feet tall and went to Georgetown. I have a Jamaican background, and have played for 4 teams in my career. Who was I drafted by? (A=Blazers, B=Knicks, C=Nuggets, D=Pacers)
I am a 1 time NBA champion, I played for 6 NBA teams including the Hawks for 5 years, and earned the nickname 'Jet'. Who am I? (A=Kenny Smith, B=Jason Terry)
I am a 6'2 Canadian guard who was drafted by the Suns with the 18th pick of the draft. What college did I get drafted out of? (A=Syracuse, B=Texas, C=Santa Clara, D=Kansas)
My father and my brother both played in the NBA. I went to Duke University, playing for one year. What team do I play for? (A=Clippers, B=Sixers, C=Mavs, D=Heat)
I won 2 rings as a Piston, drafted in 1986, and had my number retired by the Pistons. What school did I get drafted out of?(A=Indiana, B=Duke, C=McNeese St,D=Southeastern Oklahoma)
I was drafted in 2003 with the 4th pick and played for the Heat for half of my career, but I wasn't drafted by them. Who am I? (A=LeBron, B=D Wade, C=Chris Bosh, D= Caron Butler)
Drafted by the Bucks out of UCLA, winning no championships there and later signed with an LA team. Who am I? (A=Luc Mbah a Moute, B=Abdul-Jabbar, C=Abdul-Rahman, D=Lucius Allen)

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