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Owner of the Android's Dungeon
Big tough actor and movie star
His daughter's name
Milhouse's Father
Milhouse's Mother
The main schoolyard bully
Name the other three bullies
Name the other three bullies
Name the other three bullies
The nerd in 4th grade with Bart
The foreign student from Germany
Lisa's token friend
Bart's two token male classmates
Bart's two token male classmates
Bart's Teacher
Lisa's Teacher
The substitute 2nd grade teacher (comes when Lisa's normal teacher has Lyme Disease)
The Mayor
The Mayor's nickname
Police Chief
The Police Chief's Wife
Token Policeman
Token Policeman
Aggressive Realtor from the West Side
Local lawyer-turned-realtor
Tough-luck guy who can't keep a job
Selma's pet lizard
Bart's Elephant
Bart's Bird-Eating Pet Lizard
Bart's Bird-Eating Pet Lizard
Bart's racehorse
The School Psychiatrist
Superintendent of Schools
State Comptroller
School Music/Band Teacher
School cafeteria worker
Actor you may remember from such films as...
Local TV Anchor
Homer's chronically drunk drinking buddy
State Governor, who Marge supports against Burns
Grampa's friend/roommate at the home
Recidivist Criminal
Phil Hartman-voiced character who sells Springfield a Monorail
Country singer who Homer manages
Very short old man who often is violently hurt for humor
Bus driver
Homer's Half-brother
Simpsons' neighbor first seen in an early episode; takes Marge on a tenuous adventure
Police chief brought in to enforce Prohibition
Local slack-jawed yokel
His wife
Brainy professor

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