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Forced Order
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Insurrection Act: magistrates can invoke martial law (year)
Declaratory Act, asserts sovereignty of British parliament over Ireland (year)
term referring to line of Protestant Ascendancy (Molyneux, Swift, Lucas, Grattan)
William Molyneux, The Case of Ireland Being Bound by Acts of Parliament in England (year)
Charles O'Connor, Dr. John Curry, and Thomas Wyse found the Catholic Committee, emphasizing order (year)
fight between a Catholic and a Protestant escalates into a faction fight in Co. Armagh (year)
Commercial Propositions seeking G/B-Ireland free trade, abandoned (year)
Whig, forebearer of modern conservatism, anti-revolution/incrementalist
Book by Berkeley from 1730s lumping New English and Gaelic Irish as 'we Irish' and advocating self-help
Modest Proposal by Swift (year)
Act of Union to dissolve Scottish Parliament and create Great Britain (year)
'Grattan's Parliament', begins ____ and lasts until 1800 (year)
accession of George III (year)
group in Irish Parliament that often didn't show up or vote but often were the swing vote
Thomas Paine's point-by-point critique (pamphlet) of Burke and his anti-rev sentiments
lined up votes for monarchy's bills; analog of US Congress' whips
introduces Catholic Relief Act despite stern opposition and gets it passed; Lord Lt. of Ireland
failed French flotilla with Tone aboard, gets forced ashore and Tone arrested (year)
center of 1798 rebellion and most violence/deaths in this County
French Revolution (year)
Regency crisis began with King George III's breakdown (year)
Treaty of Limerick (year)
failed French expedition doesn't reach Bantry Bay in enough numbers to come ashore (year)
failure of FitzWillliam as Lord Lt. push many over edge to armed republicanism; U.I. recruit, coopt Defenders (year)
Domville, Disquisition (year)
Order of Orange begins, exiles Irish Catholics to Connaught (year)
first establishment of White Boys (year)
Catholic Committee holds meeting in Dublin, most representative Irish body ever (year)
Grattan initially elected to Irish Parliament (year)
Volunteer Resolutions and revival of volunteerism (year)
founding father of Irish Republicanism
2nd convention of Volunteers in Dublin; post-split, now just Flood's faction (year)
William Wood buys patent for haypenny from George I's mistress (year)
rumors circulate that union (IRE + G/B) is being sought again; riots around Parliament building (year)
major famine often forgotten in history despite killing 1/8 of population (years)
great satirist; priest in the Church of Ireland; felt himself British but lived and worked in Ireland most of his life
Amount in MPs in Irish House of Commons
N. Armagh + adjacent regions of Cos. Tyrone and Down (nickname)
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland becomes official on January 1 of this year
6 letters written under psuedonym by Swift advocating Irish sovereignty and Parliament's independence
Volunteer convention at Dungannon in Co. Tyrone (year)
Volunteers assemble at Dublin outside Parliament at William's statue to demonstrate vs. trade restrictions (year)
founding of the 1st Society of United Irishmen (year)
title of writing by TW Tone in favor of Catholics
Patent revoked for haypennies (year)

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