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Can you name the Figures of Speech and Literary Devices?

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Examplefigure of speechExplanation
happy hopping hamstersSame first letters
hear the lark and harken to the barking of the dogSeries of vowel sounds within a phrase
New Jersey passed a new lawWhen a whole thing refers to a part - only the legislature passed the law
Life is like a bowl of cherriesComparing two things
All the world's a stageSaying one thing is another
Teach you I canInversion of usual word order a la Yoda
You can bank on that bankA word with two related meanings
He kicked the bucketA phrase understood only through common use
jumbo shrimpcontradictory terms in one phrase
Who is that redhead?Substituting an attribute of something for its name
When you bow, your bow might fall off words spelled the same but pronounced differently
The knight delivered a blushing crow to his opponentExchanging the first letters of successive words

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