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Can you choose whether these shows were first produced in the United Kingdom (K) or the United States (S)?

Quiz Updated Jan 28, 2015

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TV ShowUK or US?First Broadcast
Family Fortunes/Family Feud
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
The Brighton Belles/The Golden Girls
Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing With the Stars
House of Cards
Gladiators/American Gladiators
Total Wipeout/Wipeout
This is Your Life
Geordie Shore/Jersey Shore
Who Do You Think You Are?
The Office
TV ShowUK or US?First Broadcast
Britain's Got Talent/America's Got Talent
The Inbetweeners
Wheel of Fortune
Changing Rooms/Trading Spaces
The Price is Right
Pop Idol/American Idol
The Apprentice
Britain (& Ireland)'s Next Top Model/America's Next Top Model
The Weakest Link
Whose Line is it Anyway?

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