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TitanicRMS TitanicShip
What time did the Titanic hit the iceberg?and 44 seconds...
How many people died?This was the largest amount of people to die during peace time in recorded history! It was also the largest wreck ever and the largest number of deaths in a maritime accident.
What day did the Titanic hit the iceberg?
What company operated the ship?The company's largest rival was Cunard Line
How many people were on board after leaving port for the last time?
How many lifeboats were aboard?each had a capacity of 65 people but some were launched with as few as 28 people aboard.
How many minutes did it take the Titanic to sink?
How long was the Titanic?The Titanic was the largest ship of its time, nearly 100 feet longer than any other moving object ever constructed!
What time did it sink?Thoswe left in the water died within minutes from the cold water and drowning
How much did the Titanic cost to build (in dollars) in 1912?It would be the equivalent of 400 million dollars today!
What ship was within a few miles of the sinking ship but did not come to the rescue?After receiving a harsh message from the RMS Titanic's telegraph operator to shut up; the opertator for this ship decided to go to bed and missed the distress calls. Hours later the Titanic set off flares, this ship's captain thought it was a celebration aboard the ship.
What ship did the Titanic almost collide with before leaving port?
TitanicRMS TitanicShip
Molly Brown was known by what name after the sinking of the RMS Titanic?She was named this for wanting to turn her lifeboat around, to save drowning people.
Who was the richest person aboard the ship?
How many boilers did the Titanic have?The boilers of Titanic were so distinct, that when it was discovered, that was the first identifier of the wreck.
How many elevators were aboard the ship?This was the largewst number of elevators ever before exhibited on a ship
How many ice alerts did the Titanic receive before hitting the iceberg?The owner of the ship, who was aboard at the time wanted the ship sped up to surprise the world with the fastest trans-Atlantic crossing ever, he had every boiler lit. The ship was to ignore ice alerts and head at full speed.
When did the Titanic set sail?Set sail from Southhampton, England at 12:00 PM to New York City
who designed the RMS Titanic (head architect)?he died aboard the ship, refusing to leave, he was last seen in the first class smoking room
What ship rescued the survivors from the sinking?
Who was the captain?This was to be his last voyage of his career before retiring, it was a gift! The captain in the end decided to stay with the ship, his body was never recovered. He is thought to have had a mental breakdown shortly after striking the iceberg and was unable to help.
Who was the first officer?
How many people survived?
What were the names of the two ships designed to look nearly identical to the Titanic?One sank in World War 1 after hitting a mine, the other was scrapped after many years of service

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