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I dated one of my best friends RossRachel
I built an entertainment unit that I later got locked inside of
I thought my mother's spirit was in a cat named 'hulio'
I dated an underaged student of mine
I dated a billionaire
I have a 'nubin'
My highschool boyfriend was Chip Matthews
I said the wrong name at the altar of my second wedding
I am in love with Rachel
I got dumped by Ross for Rachel
I dated Ross and Joey
I dated one of my best friends RossRachel
My agent is estelle leonard
I got cornrows and got myself stuck to my shower curtain
I changed my name to princess consuela banana hammock
I hate dogs
I quit my job as a lawyer to become a piano player
I got knocked up by my ex husband
I was married to a gay ice dancer
I broke my nose by getting hit with a hockey puck
I say oh my god way too much
I ran away the day of my wedding

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