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Can you name the Major Angiosperm Plant Families?

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Example speciesFamilyCommon name
Daisy, sunflower, lettuce, chrysanthemumDaisy family
Vanilla, bee orchidOrchid family
Soybean. beans, peas, peanut, acaciaPea family
CoffeeCoffee family
Rice, wheat, maize, sugarcane, barley, bambooGrass family
Basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, lavender, sageMint family
Cassava, castor oil plant, PoinsettiaSpurge family
Rauvolfia caufra (quinine tree)Dogbane family
Water chestnut, papyrus sedgeSedge family
Okra, cacaoMallow family
Anthurum, Monstera deliciosaAroid family
Blueberrry, cranberry, Azalea, RhododendronHeather family
Cumin, parsley, anise, carrot, corianderUmbellifer family
Cabbace, turnip, raddish, Arabidopsis thalianaCabbage family
Black pepperPepper family
CressAcanthus family
Roses, apples, cherries, almonds, brambleRose family
Borage, comfrey, forget-me-notBorage family
Stinging nettleNettle family
Anemones, buttercupts, ClematisButtercup family
Cinnamon, bay laurel, avocadoLaurel family
Potato, deadly nightshade, tomato, paprikaPotato family
Bellflower, LobeliaBellflower family
Example speciesFamilyCommon name
Date palm, coconutPalm family
Custard appleCustard apple family
Carnations, campionsCarnation family
Broomrape, witchweedBroomrape family
Beet, quinoa, spinachAmaranth family
Blood iris, blackberry lillyIris family
Carprobrotus edulisIce plant family
Orange, lemon, grapefruit, limeRue or Citrus family
Chinese foxglove, figwortFigwort family
Morning glory, sweet potatoBindweed family
Protea, Banksia, macademia nutNone
Maple, horse chestnut, lycheeSoap berry family
Saguoro cactus, barrel cactusCactus family
True IvyIvy family
Pineapple, Spanish mossBromeliad family
Jade plant, KalanchoeOrpine family
PlantainPlantain family
Ginger, cardamom, turmeric, ginger lillyGinger family
Fig, breadfruit, mulberryMulberry or fig family
Willow, poplarWillow family
Cashew, poison ivy, mangoCashew family
BuckthornBuckthorn family
Primrose, snowbellPrimrose family
Example speciesFamilyCommon name
Hyacinth, bluebellHyacinth family
Grape, virginia creeperGrape family
Thrifts, leadwordsLeadwort family
Cranesbills, PelargoniumGeranium family
Violets, pansiesViolet family
Onions, chives, garlic, leeksOnion family
Aloe veraAloe family
Oxalis pes-capraeWood sorrel family
Dipterocarpus, Shorea, HopeaNone
Oak. chestnut, beechBeech family
Agave, yucca, joshua treeAgave family
Tulips, LilliesLilly family
Olive, ashOlive family
Nutmeg, maceNutmeg family
Juncus species, Luzula speciesRush family
Moss roses, miner's lettucePurslane family
Magnolia speciesMagnolia family
Pines, cedars, larches, douglas firs, sprucesPine family
Cistus ladanifer, Cistus crispus, Cistus albicanicusRock rose family
CannabisHemp family
Birches, alders, hazelsBirch family
Juniper, Redwood, Sequoia, CypressCypress family

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