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Number 5's answer is the amount on number 3 minus 2.
If you hold a box, how many chickens do you have?
Number 16 is the color of a normal cloud. Answer for this is number 30.
so..... (btw 22 is in)
Chickens are not found in crates. Number 7 is 777.
Put in 1337 for number 3.
If one box has 13 chickens, how many chickens are in 1 crate?
Numbers 11, 13, 9, and 17 are all 80.
Copy this whole sentence right now do it now cmon you can do it
Number 6 is either Jack or Nick.
20 is actually red, i dont know how. This too.
don't put jack.
5 questions later, you realize number 14 is....
Go to 30.
Unicorns are....
Don't listen to 13. He sucks. Put Nick.
14 is Tree. 19 is Trees.
What color is a purple ball?
Where are chickens found?
If you hold a box, is the box in or on you?
23 is either Jack, Mark, or Pewds.
1 is the answer. Literally.
who has the most subscribers on Youtube?
What is 6*6+6/6-6? (psst it's 1)
25's answer is close to 23's answer. Also, what is number 2 and number 3's answers combined?
If you die, are you alive?
copy number 10's sentence. (jk just put jk)
Number 1 is yes, while number 30 is no. 15 is maybe.

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