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DescriptionName of GameSomething
You go to a bunch of planets and do stuff and you kill dildo monsters.
A discolored animal fights a fat scientist.
Someone falls down a hole and there are monsters and a fire-breathing creature who captured a princess
You parkour across buildings because someone is chasing you.
There are two armies and if you trap the other guy's leader you win.
You are a plushie who creates levels for people to see.
You go to hell and shoot demons with rocket launchers.
a guy's quest is to capture every creature in the world an use them to beat up other creatures.
A bunch of blocks fall down and you have to control them so they form a line of blocks.
you poke a cookie to get more cookies.
you drive around with a turtle, a monkey, your brother, and a fungus.
There are two white lines and one white square. Thats it.
A monkey stole the princess and you have to jump up a broken contruction site thing.
Someone falls down a hole and there are monsters and you can be nice or wreak havoc on them.
This game is super hard. That's all you need to know.
DescriptionName of GameSomething
You are a snake who grows when you eat.
You do some skateboarding then your guy glitches out.
You are hungry and you want to eat spectral beings.
a pink ball eats everything.
A frog has to dodge traffic.
You run away from a bunch of monkeys because you stole something.
you put one hole somewhere and another hole somewhere else and the holes are connected and you go through the holes.
A robot shoots stuff with its cannons because a scientist did a thing.
You play as a guy with a digging utensil and some armor cause why not
You play as a guy who has no arms or legs but still has a huge punch.
A lady is wearing a futuristic suit and also there is a purple dragon.
Some old dude gives you a sword and you have to fight a guy who is also a pig.
There are a bunch of circles and you have to jump over the other guy's circles to kill them.
You punch stuff and get stuff, then build with the stuff
You are in a spaceship and you shoot rocks for no reason.

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