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Who protested?
What animal does Harry love?
Who loves yorkshire tea?
What is Zayn's hometown?
What is Harry's hometown?
What is Louis' hometown?
What is Liam's hometown?
What is Niall's hometown?
Which one is Irish?
What is Harry's favorite vegetable?
What is Niall's favorite food?
What is Niall's favorite resturant?
What is one food Niall doesn't like?
Who needs a boat?
What is the name of Harry's Mom?
What was Zayn's name originally?
What religion is Zayn?
What is Zayn's fear?
What can't Zayn do?
Harry hates....
What was the name of Niall's imaginary friend?
What is the name of One Direction's body guard/baby sitter?
Who is Baby Lux?
How many R's?
What is one of Harry's nicknames?
Louis made up nicknames for the boys, they were....?
2 bananas for a....?
Who was the older woman Harry dated?
Who is the jokester?
Who is the flirt?
Who looovvveeess to eat?
What is Harry's middle name?
What is Louis' middle name?
What is Liam's middle name?
What is Zayn's middle name?
What is Niall's middle name?
How many kidneys in all?
How many nipples in all?
Who mentored them?
Who sings with them in 'Moments'
What was the name of their first single released?
One Direction comes from the___?
Before they became a group, they all entered as_____on the X Factor
The word Louis likes to say?
Why did the mushroom go to the party?
What is Harry's worst habit?
Everyone knows One Direction is..
Where do 5 gay guys walk in?
Who came up with the name?
What name did Niall suggest before One Direction was suggested as a name?
What is Louis' secret?
What can Liam never do when he is in a relationship?
Liam once asked a girl out__times?
Zayn's celeb crush is....?
Niall has a big crush on...?
What was Niall's audition song?
What was Harry's audition song?
What was Zayn's audition song?
What was Louis' audition song?
What was Liam's audition song?
What male singer does Niall love a lot?
What male singer does Liam love a lot?
What is another male singer Niall loves?
What is Louis' nickname?
Who is Liam dating?
What does Liam's girlfriend do?
Who is Louis dating?
What does Louis' girlfriend do?
Who signed them to a record label?
What place did they come in on the X Factor?
What do the boys call Zayn?
What did Louis say he loved girls who eat....?
Liam has a____on his neck, and in a picture he saw it was photoshopped out?
Before X Factor, Harry was in a band named...?
Who tried out before 2010 on X Factor and didn't make it past judge's home?
Why didn't he make it past Simon Cowell's home?
Louis is a mamma's...
Liam loves the movies...?
Louis performed in the play______when he was in school?
What profression would Louis want to go to college for if he wasn't in One Direction?
What profression would Zayn want to study at college to become if he wasn't in One Direction?
Get out of my____!!!
What was the first song they sang on X Factor together?(not live performances in front of audience)
What was the name of their first recorded song?
Liam likes girls with_____?
Harry is strangely attracted to_____?
Louis would love to go____before he dies?
Who has Harry been texting or flirting with lately?
One Direction won a_____earlier this year?
One Direction beat______in the award show?
What American shows did One Direction appear on?
One Direction toured with the band_______earlier this year?
Louis is known for his_____,and ______?
Harry once replaced the words in 'Save You Tonight' as...?

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