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Who is the Main Protagonist In the Legend of Zelda Series?
What Video Game series is the RYNO from?
what was the Number 1 game of the year for turn based stratagy in 2012?
Who is the main character in Tomb Raider?
Who is the Main Character in Doom?
Who is the main antagonist in Serious Sam?
What does BFE stand for in Serious Sam 3 BFE?
What does Sly cooper use as his main Weapon?
What Finishes this games Title: Mount and _____
Who is the main Villain In Dying Light
Who is the Main villain in Borderlands 2
What does Master Chief Fight in Halo Combat Evolved
What Class has the most health in Team Fortress 2?
Name The added class in XCOM Enemy Within From XCOM Enemy Unknown?
Finish the Game Series Name: Duke _____
Who is the main character in the Uncharted Series?
What game series does a blue hedgehog come from
What game does Daxter the Ottsel
What game has cars play football Released in 2015?
What popular video game series has the nanosuit that allows such abilities as: speed, invisibility, super strength and super armour?

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