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CatchphraseWWE Superstar
'Whatcha gonna do brother?'
'And that's the bottom line'
'Just Bring It'
'Here comes the pain'
'Oooooh yeeaahh!!'
'What a rush'
'Rest in peace'
'The best there is, best there was and the best there ever will be'
'Eveyone's got a price'
'Have a nice day'
'Bang bang!'
'USA hacktooey!'
'And that's an order'
'You can't see me'
'Ask him!'
'I am a wrestling god!'
'Get the table'
'Yes!, Yes!, Yes!'
'I'm awesome'
'It's true, it's damn true'
'Remember the name'
'Hey chico'
'Pimpin' ain't easy'
'Hello ladies'
'Viva La Raza'
'Excuse me'
'Because that's how I roll'
'Get ready to serve hard time boy!'
'What's that all aboot?'
'Ain't I great?'
'It's time!'
'You're next'
'Holla if you here me'
'I am that damn good'
'I'm in the zone'
'Huss, huss, huss'
'Boom, boom, boom'
'Smackdown number 1 announcer'
'Bah gawd, it's a slobberknocker!'
'And I quote....'
'Holla, holla, holla'
'Straight edge means I'm better than you'
'Hear me, fear me'
'This is what a real man looks like'
'Everyone pays the piper'
'Prove me wrong'
'If I can be serious for a moment'
'What does everybody want?'
'Oh you didn't know'
'Wassup wid dat?'
'I love to fight'
'You're fired!'
'I rule the world'
'Enough is enough'
'Yeah baby!'
'Just another victim'
'Gore! Gore! Gore!'
'Believe that'
'Can you dig it, sucka?'
'That's not a bad thing, it's a good thing!'
CatchphraseWWE Superstar
'Everything's cool when you're.....'
'It's party time!'
'Great Khali says'
'You're looking at the real deal now'
'Do you wanna hear one of my disasterpieces?'
'It wasn't my fault!'
'I'm perfect!'
'I always get my man'
'Are you boys ready for the grind?'
'The headliner, the showstopper, the main event'
'So for the benefit of those with flash photography'
'Bow down and kiss my feet'
'We are evil!' (dubbed)
'I've wined and dined with kings and queens'
'Pay your taxes!'
'The bitch is back'
'I'm the world's smartest man'
'That's not cool'
'It is for your own good'
'V1 ah'
'I've been bloody besmirched!'
'I'm not telling you anything you don't already know'
'I hail from Green Bay, Wisconsin!'
'Will you stop!'
'100% Stratusfaction guaranteed!'
'This place is going banana!'
'We're gonna nasticise ya'
'It's time for a bloodbath'
'The greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time'
'Bring out da Honk-a-dee-meter!'
'It is my destiny'
'The most talented member of Nexus'
'Wat's up!'
'I do not st-st-st-stutter!'
'I am thee Chosen One'
'Money, money, yeah, yeah!'
'We've got two words for ya'
'Everybody listen, ha-ha, to me'
'Ain't no stopping me now'
'I ain't a lady to be messed with'
'How dare you exacerbate me!'
'The tower of power, too sweet to be sour'
'Whoomph, there it is'
'World's largest love machine'
'I do not drive a taxi cab!'
'That's not the greatest, that's not the coolest'
'Simply flawless!'
'Self confessed wrestling nerd!'
'And that's my opinion'
'Never trust a snake'
'That is the face of....'
'Kenny! Johnny! Mitch! Nicky! Mikey!'
'Nayez pas pour' (Don't be afraid)
'I'm the doobya doobya eee champion, fella'
'I love Double Double E'
'As I pass the planets in the Grinlab System'
'Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat'
'To a nicer man, it couldn't happen'
'They don't know anything about fashion'
'I will defend this Hardcore Title 24/7'
'How do you like me now?'
'The only Diva who's pure and wholesome'
'Welcome to the Palace of Wisdom'
CatchphraseWWE Superstar
'I an super, I am crazy!'
'This hair is 100% el natural'
'Knock, knock'
'It's my time!'
'Woo, woo, woo, you know it!'
'Soon to move to the United States'
'I chopee chopee your peepee'
'I'm an a**man'
'And that's final'
'I know you want me'
'I'm coming to get ya'
'Woooaah' 'Yeeaahh!'
'I'm the World's Strongest Man!'
'I'm the one man rock band baby'
'I'm afraid I've got some bad news!'
'Better than the best period'
'Pain and destruction is our middle name'
'Feast your eyes on the 9th Wonder Of The World'
'You're not Ultimate anymore'
'USA is not OK'
'The Doctor Of Style!'
(Sings Soviet National Anthem)
'I'm bizaaarre!'
'I do not weigh 317 lbs'
'You've gone on 3 minutes too long'
'I'm a man with a plan'
'This here is what you call domination'
'I will kill the legend of.....'
'You're welcome!'
'I'm an exhibitionist'
'What Katie wants, Katie gets'
'Get ready for an aftershock!'
'Come on baby!'
'Wooh, wooh, wooh!'
'What's yours is mine too'
'I need more competition'
'Take a look at this dashing face'
'I devote this (and every) match to Eddie'
'The animal is unleashed'
'The French Phenom'
'Sternum crushing 450 splash'
'I don't have a thpeech impediment!'
'I'm the devil's favourite demon'
'Here comes the money'
'The E is for Extreme!'
'I'm not Daddy's Little Girl anymore'
'The Birdman's in town'
'Shaka bruddah!'
'Ha ha ha ha!'
'Give him a 5 count!'
'I will engulf the WWF in flames'
'If I don't beat this jobber....'
'I've always been a misfit'
'Made in the USA'
'Pin me, pay me'
'The World's Largest Athlete'
'Ah si senor' 'Dos'
'We're not Mexicans....'
'I am perfection'
'Little people scare me'
'Who betta...'
'I love you'
'Your a** is grass'
'I live for the moment'

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