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Can you name the State given its Most Expensive Zipcode?

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Zipcode (City/Neighborhood)StateMedian Listing Price
04110 (Cumberland Foreside)$924,538
66211 (Leawood)$993,135
84060 (Park City)$1,337,562
81656 (Woody Creek)$4,953,269
18980 (Wycombe)$1,346,145
33156 (Coral Gables)$3,597,769
96821 (Kuliouou - Kalani Iki)$1,072,464
55424 (Edina)$1,025,594
30327 (Buckhead)$1,229,013
98039 (Medina)$3,431,146
22102 (McLean)$1,331,296
20008 (Woodley Park)$1,181,906
02108 (Beacon Hill)$2,998,601
85253 (Paradise Valley)$1,721,279
Zipcode (City/Neighborhood)StateMedian Listing Price
94027 (Atherton)$9,026,885
02807 (New Shoreham)$1,273,428
77024 (Memorial)$1,585,346
63131 (Frontenac)$1,248,158
06831 (Greenwich)$2,787,786
11962 (Sagaponack)$6,433,077
83014 (Wilson)$1,958,425
89413 (Glenbrook)$3,272,641
45243 (Indian Hill)$893,216
29482 (Sullivan's Island)$1,375,736
07620 (Alpine)$5,025,423
60043 (Kenilworth)$1,994,077
03854 (New Castle)$1,255,021
21056 (Gibson Island)$1,525,808

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