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In 1820 this stated: for every slave state there will be a free state. Example: admitting Missouri (slave) and Maine (free). This was so there would be no majority in congress.
The line that split the country in half as slave and free states at 36° 30´.
An abolitionist that owned the newspaper called The Liberator and founded The Anti Slavey Society.
A former slave that owned the newspaper called The North Star.
The compromise created by Henry Clay and Stephen Douglas that allowed California to be decided a slave or free state through popular sovereignty - essentially deciding to be free
In this compromise, both the North and South lost something regarding slavery, and gained something in compensation
A rider to the Compromise of 1850 that stated all runaway slaves must be returned to their owners. The North was forced to pass it, so many didn't follow it which caused conflicts
Harriet Beecher Stowe, an abolitionist, wrote this best selling book in 1852. This book included personal slave accounts which opened many eyes to the horrors of slavery.
Stephen Douglas thought of the act which decided that Kansas and Nebraska should be decided slave/free through popular sovereignty.
People traveled from all over to determine whether Kansas would be a free/slave state. Unfortunately, leading to violence between the pro and anti slavists.
These pro slavists flooded Kansas to make it a slave state.
Charles Sumner, a senator from Massachusetts, wrote an anti slavery speech that blamed South Carolina for slavery. As a result, Brooks was offended and beat up Sumner with a cane.
A slave, who's owner died, sued in court for freedom because he had lived in free states. The chief justice says he is still a slave because the Missouri Comp. was unconstitutional
In 1859, John Brown attempted to lead a slave rebellion. With the help of slaves, he was trying to seize weapons from...
In the Election of 1860, this republican candidate was elected. As a result, many Southern states felt unhappy with the results because they felt they had no voice.
When Southern states were unhappy with the election of 1860, they left the Union and joined the Confederate States of America (CSA).
This state's secession ordinance stated: other Northern states were not following the constitution (fugitive slave law). Therefore, they don't have to be part of the country
This state claimed in its secession ordinance that the North was threatening their agriculture with abolitionism. By abolishing slaves, their income would be reduced.
Because of the new territories acquired, many conflicts were caused regarding ________
Missouri Compromise, Compromise of 1850, Kansas-Nebraska Act and Dred Scott were all instances that had conflicts regarding _______ (hint:10th amendment)
This was a cause of conflict between the North and South: the North's economy was industrially based while the South's economy was agriculturally based
The events in the period of Antebellum were all based off of long term unresolved issues leading up to the _______ _______

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