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Appendiceal tumor; accumulation of mucous
Large connective tissue and cystic mass; leaf like
Call-Exner Body
Androblastoma of sex cord stroma
Most common ovarian mass in young women
Schiller duval bodies (F/M): look like glomeruli
Inflammation; green brown nipple discharge; multiparous women
Hemorrhagic mass with necrosis; painful; glandular/papillary morphology; increased hCG (AFP if mixed)
Cancer of glans; erythroplakia; uncircumcised and HPV
Most common testicular in boys < 3
Teratoma cell type
Decreased E-Cadherin; single file line
Most common ovarian tumor 10-30
Dermal lymphatic invasion; Neoplastic cells block lymphatic passage
Bloody or serous nipple discharge
Plasma cell present; retained material in uterus for infection
Ovarian fibroma; ascites; pleural effusion/hydrothorax (pulling sensation)
Monodermal thyroid teratoma
Most common malignant stromal; post menopausal bleeding or sexual precocity; breast tenderness
Penile shaft; leukoplakia
Psammoma bodies with ovary
Lymphocytic infiltrate mass; fleshy; good prognosis
Golden brown; Reinke Crystals (eosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusion); gynecomastia in men, precocious puberty in boys (increased androgen/estrogen)
hCG; disordered syncitiotrophoblastic and cytotrophoblast; mets to brain and lung; gynecomastia
Signet cell ring; from adenocarcinoma
Estrogen sensitive; 20-40yo; most common tumor in females; whorled pattern; irregular enlargement
Uniform enlargement; dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia
Yellow tan ovarian tumor
Ductal carcinoma with central necrosis; subtype of DCIS
Eczematous patches at nipple; cells walked up to nipple;
LDH tumor marker (F)
Abnormal curvature; tunica albuginea
Most common premenopausal > 35; premenstrual breast pain and lump;
Most common testicular in older men; from another tumor
Most common in women
Carcinoma of unclear malignant potential; reddish papules
Smoking; retractions
Acini and stromal fibrosis; some calcifications
Fried egg; ALP; highly radiosensitive (M)
Firm fibrous rock hard mass; deformed suspensory ligament for dimpling; stellate infiltration
SE of tamoxifen; painless abnormal uterine bleeding
Fried egg cells (F)
Chocolate cyst; varies with menstrual cycle

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