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Vesicle containing pus
Large Fluid containing blister > 1cm
Dry exudate
Epidermal hyperplasia; increased spinosum (nigricans)
Small fluid containing blister < 1cm
Elevated solid skin lesion < 1cm
Epidermal accumulation of edematous fluid in intercellular spaces (eczematous dermatitis)
Flat lesion with well circumscribed change in skin color < 1cm
Flaking off of stratum corneum
Macule > 1cm
Hyperkeratosis with retention of nuclei in stratum corneum (psoriasis)
Thickened stratum corneum
Separation of epidermal cells (pemphigus vulgaris)
Dec melanin production
Hyperpigmentation associated with pregnancy
Papule > 1cm
Autoimmune destruction of melanocytes
Transient smooth papule or plaque
Thickened stratum granulosum (lichen planus)

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