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IgG against desmoglein, acantholysis, row of tombstones, oral mucosa involved, Nikolsky+
Deeper dermis, subcutaneous tissue, break in skin/trauma
Sloughing of skin at dermal epidermal junction; targetoid skin lesion; bullae and necrosis (10-30%)
Herpetic whitlow
Pruritic papules, vesicles, and bullae; deposits of IgA at dermal papillae
Melanoma w/ dominant early radial phase
Melanoma w/ early vertical phase, pushes epidermis upward
Endothelial malignancy of skin/mouth/GI/respiratory, HIV associated, lymphocytic infiltrate
Associated with infections, drugs, cancers, autoimmune disease (mycoplasma, HSV, phenytoin, sulfa drugs, beta lactams); macules, papules, vesicles
Type IV HSN, exposure to allergen
S100 tumor marker; BRAF V600E Activating mutation; dpt depth of tumor; dysplastic nevi
Small, rough, erythematous or brownish papules/plaques; inc SCC risk
Pruritic wheals, superficial dermal edema and lymphatic channel dilation
Superficial skin infection, highly contagious, honey colored crusting
Koilocytosis, soft, tan colored, cauliflower like papules
Stratum granulosum attachment destruction, fever, erythematous rash, sloughing of upper layers, Nikolsky sign+
Wickham striae (reticular white lines), hypergranulosis; Sawtooth infiltrate of lymphocytes at dermal-epidermal junction; 6P
IgG against hemidesmosomes, tense blisters w/ eosinophils, spare oral mucosa, linear pattern, Nikolsky-
Keratin pearls; Lower lip/face/ears/hands, locally invasive, ulcerative red lesions with frequent scale
Melanoma of palm/sole; not associated with UV exposure
Melanoma along epi-derm junction
Erythematous papule/pustule, no comedones, associated with flushing, potential scattered telangiectasias
Irregular, white, painless plaques on lateral tongue
Cavernous lymphangioma of neck, associated with Turners
Umbilicated papules; contagious
Benign capillary hemangioma of elderly, does not regress
Lesar Trelat sign
Collection of pus in walled off infection
Polypoid lobulated capillary hemangioma that can ulcerate and bled, trauma and pregnancy
Deeper tissue injury from anaerobic bacteria, out of proportion pain, crepitus
Abnormal keratinocyte desquamation, propionibacterium acnes, colonization, comedomes
Blood vessel malignancy of head/neck/breast, associated with vinyl chloride, arsenic exposure, radiation therapy. Aggressive
Benign, painful, red blue tumor under fingernails, from modified smooth muscle cells of thermoregulatory body
6Ps are
Parakeratotic scaling with acanthosis, dec granulosum, munro microabcesses, Auspitz sign
Benign capillary hemangioma of infancy, appears, grows rapidly and regresses by 5-8
Flat, greasy, pigmented epihtelial proliferation with keratin filled cysts (horn cysts)
Benign capillary skin papule in AIDS, neutrophilic infiltrate
Firm, hyperpigmented papules and pustules that are painful/pruritic, cheeks/jawline, neck
Serum IgE, atopic disease
Upper lip; waxy pink pearly nodule; telangiectasias; rolled borders with central crusting/ulceration; palisading nuclei
'herald patch' followed with scaly erythematous plaque in chirstmas tree distribution on trunk; collarette scale; self resolve in 6-8 weeks
SCC Variant that grows rapidly (4-6wks) and may regress spontaneously over months
Associated with HepC
Upper dermis and superficial lymphatic crusting; well demarcated
Target lesions (target with multiple rings and dusky center w/ epithelial destruction)
Raised inflammatory lesions of subcutaenous fat (panniculitis), anterior shins, idiopathic
Stevens Johnson w/ > 30%
Epidermal hyperplasia, hyperpigmented thickening of skin, esp in axilla/neck; associated with insulin resistance/visceral malignancy
Excessive UV irradiation

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