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Can you name the Things Daniel learned in May 2020?

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This modern-day capital city of the Chinese Shaanxi province is also the ancient capital of China missing from this list: Beijing, Nanjing, Luoyang
The Jiazhou Bay Bridge (one of the longest in the world), connects Huangdao district to this main urban part of this largest city of Shandong Province
In 1643, the United Colonies of New England consisted of Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Saybrook and this
Since 1815 this family has been the reigning monarch in the Netherlands
During the festivities in Moscow for the coronation of Nicholas II, a human stampede killed over 1300 people in this field
He is Australia's longest-serving PM (1939-41 and 1949-66), a total of 18 years
This Turkish port city is where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk began the Turkish War for Independence in 1919
This 1920 post-WWI treaty began the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire
He has been the director-general of the World Health organization since 2017
This term describes the remnants of a once much larger state following annexation, secession, occupation, colonization, etc
This is the vegetative part of a fungus made of a mass of long, branching hyphae
Astronomers believe that this moon is currently the most volcanically active body in our solar system
In geometry, this line touches the curve at a point and gives the best straight-line approximation of the curve at that point
In geometry and physics, this is the shape formed by a cable or wire suspended on two ends, the curve formed by its own weight
His equations, a set of coupled partial differential equations, combine with the Lorentz force law to create the foundation of classical electromagnetism
The most widely used system of Romanizing Japanese has this name
The Ge'ez script, used to write Amharic and other languages, is this type of script where each unit is a consonant-vowel pair
Between 1969 and 1991, this country won 15 Little League World Series; Little Leaguers are featured on this country's $500 bank note
An innovator in animation, he brought Betty Boop, Popeye, Superman and Koko the Clown to the movie screen
What slow-moving animated creation of MGM was originally voiced by Bill Thompson and first appeared in 'Dumb-Hounded'
This Dutch museum consists of two buildings: the Rietveld holds the permanent collection, the Kurokawa wing holds major temporary exhibitions
Because of its management-friendly and mature legal system, around 2/3 Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in this state, according to its website
The chief mate of the Pequod in Moby Dick lends its name to this company founded in 1971
The Hot Shoppes restaurant franchise was the beginning of this hotel chain
This multinational oil company has the largest daily oil production and, according to Bloomberg, the most profits of any company worldwide
In the publicly traded corporation S&P Global, the S and P stand for this
Formed in 1982 by John Flansburgh and John Linnell is this band with platinum album Flood, and other success in children's music
This Dutch psychedelic rock band had the hit 'Venus' in the late 1960s; Bananarama had a successful cover of that song as well
This American sitcom (1988-95) centers on recently widowed Dr. Harry Weston and his two adult daughters who come to live with him
This is the highest prize given at the Venice Film Festival

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