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Can you name the Things Daniel learned in May 2020?

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The 1863 collection of Longfellow poems that takes the form of various people stopping by to tell stories is called Tales of the _ _
This 1947 Malcolm Lowry novel tells the story of Geoffrey Firmin in Quauhnahuac on the Day of the Dead in 1938
A Jonathan Swift quotation is the source for the title of this John Kennedy Toole novel that revolves around Ignatius J. Reilly
This 1704 Jonathan Swift satire follows brothers Peter, Martin and Jack as they try to make their ways in the world
This kitchen utensil like a snare drum, is known as a chalni in Indian cooking, and can strain or grate or be used as a food mill
The Teutonic Knights built this castle in the 13th century; today it remains the largest castle in land area in the world
Originally a musket-wielding infranty in the Mughal Empire army, today the term is used for the rank 'private' in the Indian, Pakistani and Nepalese armies
British inventor Barnes Wallis invented a bomb with this characteristic, specifically for Operation Chastise, AKA the Dambusters Raid
This Allied invasion (November 8-16, 1942) of French North Africa was commanded by Eisenhower, who planned a three-pronged attack
In 1947, Thor Heyerdahl travelled across the Pacific in a raft called this
He served as president of Yemen from Yemeni unification in 1990 to 2012
After Algiers, this is the second most-populous city (and considered the second-most important) in Algeria
Homophonous with a modern English term of endearment is this title used for the King of Tunisia from 1705-1957
He was the last monarch of Tunisia, reigning from 1943-1957
He was the first president of Tunisia, in office from 1957-1987
One end of this leads to the lagoon near the Santa Lucia railway station; the other into the basin of San Marco
This state barge of the Doges of Venice was used every year on Ascension Day until 1798 to preform 'The Marriage of the Sea'
This museum, originally the gallery of the art academy of Venice, has an extensive collection of pre 19th-C. Venetian art, including the Vitruvian Man
English playwright John Osborne, drawing from his personal life and failing marriage, wrote this play in 1956
This group of cells in the human heart continuously produces action potential, leading it to be called the natural pacemaker
These mis-folded proteins can transmit their shape to normal proteins and characterize several neurodegenerative diseases
This two-word term describes what the cell membrane consists of (in addition to proteins) in almost all organisms
This optical property describes a material's refractive index changing based on the polarization and direction of light and is the cause of double refraction
Axel Fredrik Cronstedt introduced the use of this tool in mineralogy, which he used to discover nickel
This elementary particle of half-integer spin does not undergo strong interactions
Because tungsten is derived from this mineral, it was given the chemical symbol W
In terms of characteristics of electrons, these two words follow: Magnetic, principal, azimuthal and spin
In quantum mechanics, this operator corresponds to the sum of the kinetic energies plus the potential energies for all particles in a system
This Belgium-born Romani-French Jazz composer's compositions include Nuages and Minor Swing; he also developed the Gypsy Jazz style
Within the Western Slav language group is this subgroup, under which Polish is classified

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