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This type of atom is an excited atom with one or more electrons with a very high principal quantum number
In quantum mechanics, this is a function over a space of physical states to another space of physical states (for example, Hamiltonian)
In nuclear and particle physics, this mechanism between subatomic particles is responsible for the radioactive decay of atoms
This is a homogenous system that melts and solidifies at a temperature that is lower than any of its constituent parts
The subject of some scientific contention is this effect, the process by which hot water can, in certain conditions, freeze faster than cold water
In this phenomenon, a liquid in contact with a surface higher than its boiling point produces in an insulating layer preventing it from boiling
Similar to Rayleigh scattering, this effect sees the scattering of light by particles in a colloid, such as the blue light shone through a glass with water and flour
In this phase transition, positives plasma ions capture a free electron, combine with electrons or negative ions, and becomes a gas
At this point, represented by a letter in the Greek alphabet, normal fluid helium becomes superfluid helium
In this type of chemical reaction, one species loses electrons while the other gains them
In ornithology, this throat skin connecting the lower mandible to the neck is often called this word beginning with G
First noted by a Croatian geophysicist is this discontinuity separating Earth's crust and mantle, commonly known by this four-letter word
This yearly ultramarathon (251 km) in Morocco is often called the toughest race on Earth and is AKA the Sahara Marathon
He was the first to execute this penalty kick where the ball goes high and down the middle and assumes the goalkeeper will dive to one side
This band was dropped by Reprise Records over their fourth studio album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot; it would become their most successful album
Although they continued with a new line up 10 years later, a plane crash in 1977 killed Ronnie van Zant and other members of this band
Mehmet Ali Ağca of the Turkish Grey Wolves (1981) and Juan María Fernández y Krohn (1982) both attempted to assassinate this person
He became the first (And third and fourth) president of the Republic of Ecuador
This first governor of New South Wales established the penal colony at Port Jackson (today part of Sydney Harbour)
The Female Eunuch (1970) is a watershed text in the feminist movement by this Australian author
This Australian land form AKA an oxbow lake is also the name of the best-known book series by Mary Grant Bruce that focuses on the Linton family
This 1965 Kurt Vonnegut novel is the first to feature Kilgore Trout, and was adapted into a musical by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken
In 1900, he published 23 problems that were unsolved, but would have major influence on mathematics over the next century
His conjecture states that every integer greater than 2 can be expressed as the sum of two primes
This bridge, designed by Antonio da Ponte in its current stone iteration, is the oldest of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice
He designed his namesake corridor connecting the Palazzo Pitti with the Palazzo Vecchio; later, he became the father of art history
The Carracci family is mostly associated with a school of painting with this Italian provincial capital city in its name
Often depicted in art is this Saint, who was tied to a tree and shot with arrows but did not die, instead being saved by Saint Irene of Rome
The largest collection of Salvador Dalí art is found at the Dalí Theatre and Museum (under which the artist is buried) in this city in Catalonia
This Chicago community area is the central business district and the second largest commercial business district in North America

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