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'Speed' and 'Lead' are two of the three disciplines of this sport, governed by the IFSC, the International Federation of the sport
What 'cue sports' term is used as the overarching family of cue sports played on a pocketless table
The Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Aviron (FISA) is the governing body of what sport
Who is tied with the NHL's Henri Richard for most championships won by an athlete in a North American sports league, with 11
According to the EU, the dominant flavour of what Scandinavian spirit must come from caraway and/or dill seed
Who was backed by His Comets to produce hits like 'Rock Around the Clock', 'See You Later, Alligator', and 'Skinny Minnie'
Who's Last Theorem was written in the margin of a copy of 'arithmetica', adding the proof was too large to fit there
In who's 'Disquisitiones Arithmeticae' is the fundamental theorem of arithmetic stated
Electron, Muon, and Tau (and their neutrinos) form the three generations of what subatomic/elementary particle
What subatomic composite particle is made of two or more quarks held together by the strong force
In the Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC), the Peloponnesian League was lead by Sparta. What league did Athens lead
What German forest was, in 9 AD, the site of a major defeat of the Roman Empire by Germanic tribes
The San Gabriel Mountains and San Bernardino Mountains are the southern bounds of what
The Islamic Golden Age is traditionally understood to have ended in 1258 following the Siege of Baghdad during what Caliphate
He reigned as the founder and first Emperor (r. 1526-1530) of the Mughal dynasty in the Indian subcontinent
The Xinhai revolution (1911) overthrew what Chinese imperial dynasty, making Puyi the last emperor of China
What modern-day country was known as the Ellice Islands from 1819-1976
What semicircular niche in the wall of a mosque indicates the qibla, and hence the direction Muslims should face when praying
What is the title of the 1912 Paul Émile Chabas painting of a young woman bathing that became a 'succès de scandale'
What is the best-known work of American sculptor Gutzon Borglum
A Hellenistic sculpture of Nike on display at the Louvre is called 'Winged Victory of' what
L'Homme au doigt is the most expensive sculpture (at $141.3M) ever sold at auction. It is a work by what Swiss sculptor
Michelangelo called them the 'Gates of Paradise'; who's best known work is the bronze doors of the Florence baptistery
Wild, bizarre, comic, obscene, childish and disrespectful all describe the 1896 'pataphysics' play Ubu Roi by what writer
What John Millington Synge play tells the story of Christy Mahon's running away from his farm and claims of killing his father
According to the William Carlos Williams poem, 'so much depends upon a' this, 'glazed with rain water/beside the white chickens'
Paul Laurence Dunbar wrote the lyrics for what musical comedy, the first all-African-American musical produced on Broadway
Richard Strauss' Op. 54, based on an Oscar Wilde Play and famous for its 'Dance of the Seven Veils' is called what
The 'Toreador' song ('Votre toast, je peux vous le rendre') from Bizet's Carmen is an aria for what character?
Who is at the centre of 'Fiddler on the Roof'
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