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Phylloquinone, or Phytonadione, is the scientific name for this
This is removed in a cholecystectomy
This lining of the abdominal cavity also wraps around the stomach and intestines
AKA primary adrenal insufficiency, this is an endocrine disorder where the adrenal glands do not produce enough steroid hormones
Ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction is often referred to by the name of this first Major League player to receive the surgery
Bilirubin results from the normal catabolic process of breaking down heme; too much bilirubin, however, leads to this, AKA Icterus
This medical or veterinary device functions as a portal for subsequent instruments to be inserted, or for gas or fluid to escape
This is the symbiotic relationship between a plant and fungus, the role of the fungus in the plants root sphere
This chemical, discovered by dissolving a residue of platinum in sodium hydroxide, got its name from the Greek for “a smell”
If listed alphabetically, this would be the first element on the periodic table
AKA Torricelli's trumpet, this Bible-referencing geometric figure describes a shape with infinite surface area but finite volume
In geometry this line intersects a curve in at least two distinct points; the line segment it forms is a chord
He and the Strangers are known for many songs, among them 'Okie from Muskogee', 'The Fightin' Side of Me', 'Branded Man'
The lead vocalist for Panic! at the Disco, he is also the only remaining founder of the band
'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)' and 'I'm On My Way' are two hit songs by this Scottish rock duo
This soft, thin unleavened bread baked in a tandoor is common across Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran and Armenia
He was the original/lead designer for SimCity, The Sims, and Spore
Hironobu Sakaguchi is best known for creating this video game franchise
This American writer is best known for writing 'Psycho', the basis of the Hitchcock film of the same name
This German art movement arose in the 1920s as a reaction against expressionism and lasted until the fall of the Weimar republic
This sea divides the territorial waters of Russia and Norway
This lake is AKA Florida's Inland Sea
This man's name is the capital of the Falkland Islands
The well-preserved thermae and nearby Grand Pump Room in this English town receives over 1M visitors per year
He established the Cape Colony of the Dutch East India company, what is now Cape Town
From 1429-1879, Japan's Okinawa prefecture was known as this
Enforced in the UK from 1815-1846, these laws placed high tariffs on imported grain to favour domestic producers
He shot Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis in 1968
Arthur Scargill, of the National Union of this, led the 1984-1985 worker's strike against the Margaret Thatcher government
He was the last PM of Turkey before Erdogan abolished the position

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