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Can you name the Badges of Sporcle whose names begin with the letter B?

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How To ObtainBadge
Play 25 total Taylor Swift quizzes
Get 100% on Famous Threesome, Foursomes, and Fivesomes
Play 15 quizzes about Christianity, Judaism, and Islam religions
Get 50+% on Provinces of South Africa on a Map, The South Africa Quiz, and Capitals of South Africa
Play 25 total Century quizzes
Get 50+% on The Egypt Quiz, Governorates of Egypt, and Nile River Countries
Get 50+% on Iraq's Borders, Provinces of Iraq, and The Iraq Quiz
Get 100% on Badly Drawn Famous Faces I, II, and III
Get 50+% on 20 Largest Japanese Cities, Prefectures of Japan, and The Japan Quiz
Get 50+% on Cities of Russia, Rulers of Russie, The Russia Quiz, and Russian Literature
Get 100% on General Knowledge: Jeopardy Style, Movie Quotes: Jeopardy Style, and Countries: Jeopardy Style
Get 50+% on Follow That Onion Headline, Everything, According to the Onion, and Onion Story, or Real Story?
Play 25 total Slogans quizzes
Get 100% on Bohemian Rhapsody, Hotel California, Piano Man, Don/t Stop Believin, Stairway to Heaven, and American Pie Clicky-oke
Get 50+% or more on Regions of Italy, The Italy Quiz, and Cities of Italy
Get 50+% on Ethiopia's Borders, The Ethiopia Quiz, Regions of Ethiopia, and Top 25 Cities of Ethiopia on a Map
Get 50+% on The Argetnina Quiz, Provinces of Argentina, and Top 20 Cities of Argentina on a Map
Play at least 1 quiz for 13 consecutive days
Play 25 total Shakespeare quizzes
Play French History Mash-Up, Bastille Day, and Countries of The French Empire on July 14
Play 25 total The Big Bang Theory quizzes
Play 1 000 Total quizzes in Science
Win 50 Challenges in the Movies category
Get 100% on Beatles Albums
Play Beer Consuming Countries, Beer Slogans, 96 Bottles of Beer On The Wall, and Beers of the World
Get 50+% on The Switzerland Quiz, Cantons of Switzerland, and Swiss Borders
Get 100% on Click-Paper-Scissors
How To ObtainBadge
Win 500 Challenges against other Sporcle users
Play Boroughs, Landmarks, Facts, Restaurants, and Retired Yankee Numbers
Get 100% on 7-11 Countries on July 11
Play 25 total SpongeBob quizzes
Have 5 quizzes published in the Television category
Play 50 total Biography quizzes
Play 50 total Biology quizzes
Play 25 total Kyrgyzstan quizzes
Play 25 total Futurama quizzes
Get 50+% on The Canada Quiz, Canadian Provinces, Canada Populous Metros, O Canada Lyrics, and NHL Teams of Canada
Play 25 total Art quizzes
Get 50+% on Blender Settings
Get 50+% on The Sporcle Viewfinder, Tallest Building Cities (US), and 12 Silhouettes of Famous Buildings
Get 100% on Monopoly (American), Risk, Cluedo (Clue), and Games by Cupcake
Play 25 total Anatomy quizzes
Play 1 000 total Literature quizzes
Get 100% on the African, American, Asian, and European Border Bashes
Get 100% on Border Chain Minefield I, II, and III
Get 100% on Russia's Borders, Iran's Borders, DRC's Borders, Germany's Borders, and Brazil''s Borders
Play 50 total Border quizzes
Play Harry Potter: Close-Up!, Hogwarts Wizard Training, and Harry Potter Minefield on July 31
Get 100% on Corporate Logos I, II, and III
Get 100% on Criteria Characters: Breaking Bad, and Breaking Bad: Dead or Alive?
Get 100% on Ancient History Bunker, World Languages Bunker, and Literature Bunker
Get 50% or more on Action Movies by Tagline, Action Movie Posters, and Actor by Action Role
Get 100% on Geography Bunker, Movies Bunker, and US Presidents Bunker

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